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Hi everyone!

I have been thinking for ageeeeeeeeees now about something I could do to my blog to make in incorporate me more. I do actually feel like over the past few months I have really started to implement my life and my personality in to my blog but i feel like I needed more…

A few nights ago I sat down with a pen and piece of paper and made a list of ideas. One of these ideas has come to life today and is featured and surrounds itself around this blog post.

My idea is to make small little videos of different makeup looks and squeeze them in to a blog post so that I’m not just explaining a makeup routine through pictures or words.

I really hope you like it, thank you for reading and watching!



steps i took to achieve a summer glow


Step One –

The first thing I did was apply factor 50 to my face, I allowed it to sink in and then applied some moisturizer. I know some people won’t want to do this because it can make your makeup sticky or feel a little thick, but i feel like sunscreen is an absolute must in the summer. I also don’t notice a difference in the way my makeup looks.

I got my sunscreen really cheap and it’s this one if you’re interested! Click Here If You Are In The EUUS


Step Two – 

Once my sunscreen and moisturizer were dry I applied my foundation. I have been using this foundation for years and it’s the Rimmel Wake Me Up in the shade ‘ivory’. I didn’t use any makeup brushes to blend it in because I didn’t want full coverage for this look, I also may have forgot…


Step Three – 

I then applied mascara. I am using the push up drama mascara (I have a review here! it’s really old so please don’t judge the quality!). I loveeee this mascara, i think it’s fabulous at it’s job and makes my eyelashes huge.

With this summer glow look i didn’t apply any eyeliner. I just wanted it to look natural but glowing.


Step Four – 

I then moved on to my brows.  I use a wet and wild palette and the brow drama chubby stick (I have a review here!). Watching the video back my eyebrows were not looking great, i do need some serious help with them. pls help.


Step Five – 

Once I was happy i went and took my concealer. Just like my foundation I have been using this concealer for years, i always talk about it. It’s the ‘hide the blemish’ from rimmel. I absolutely love it, it lasts for ages and it’s cheap.

I usually use a concealer brush to blend out my concealer but for some reason I just didn’t when making this video! However, i am pleased with how it turned out so, i didn’t go back a re-do the process again.

If you did want to check it out you can Check It Out If You Are In The EUUS.  I wouldn’t recommend it if i don’t absolutely love it.


Step Six –

Step six is moving on to powders. I always always always use the same setting powder and that’s the Matte Maker. I love it, it matifies my skin, it makes my makeup look better and it’s perfect if you’re pale like me because it just blends together all of your makeup.

I always use this setting powder anyway but i especially needed it for this summer glow look as it was applying more powder and highlight and so needed my face more flawless looking.


Step Seven – 

I am going to mix three things I did in to this step. You may notice at around 0:36 I was touching my eye, i was in fact applying a highlight to the inner corners just to really emphasize the ‘glow’.

The next thing i did was take a contour brush and a bronzer and apply it to my cheek bones and around my forehead. This just brings out my bone structure and gives my face a bit more colour.

I then edited this bit out (because I suck) but i did then go above my bronzer and apply a highlight, to really make the whole glow aspect more visible.


Step Eight – 

Step eight is going to combine the last two things i did.

I took my ted baker illuminator and applied it on top of my contour, the bottle does actually look like nail varnish but it’s really not! I just used my fingers to dab it in to my skin.

I then took a brown, glittery lip gloss i got from kiko and applied that liberally.



As you can see my easy summer glow look consists of bronzer/gold makeup. I didn’t include any eye shadow or anything too complicated because i wanted this to be easy and something other people could achieve, should they want too!


I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know your favorite summer glow products!


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