60 Second Makeup – Dark Eyes And Red Lip

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Hi Everyone!

Okay so I totally wasn’t going to do another ’60 second makeup’ until next week. I really wasn’t but, I loved doing my first one soooo much (you can check it out here) that I just couldn’t leave it until Monday. It seemed so far away.

Therefore i willingly grabbed my smokey palette, my reddest lipstick, stole my boyfriends camera and began recording!

Underneath the video are the steps I took to achieve the look so, if you are interested or have come from youtube you can check them out.



dark eye and red lip 60 second makeup tutorial


Step One – 

Just like always I applied some factor 50 and some moisturizer to my face before starting. I am really fair skinned and i just find it so important to keep my face protected. I never notice a difference in my makeup when i apply my sunscreen so there’s really no reason not to apply it. It’s also really cheap and such a small price to pay to protect your face.

This is the sunscreen I use if you are interested! Click Here If You Are In The EUUS


Step Two – 

I then went on to apply my foundation. I have used the same one for years and years and it’s the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in the shade ivory. I used my real techniques foundation brush to blend in my foundation and just allowed it to ‘set’ for a about a minute.


Step Three –

The next step was my eyebrows. I really have zero skill when it comes to brows and they do seem to look better ‘off camera’ but i do have 3 holy grail products I use virtually all the time.

I use a wet and wild powder palette, the brow drama stick and some brow drama mascara.( I have a review on the brow drama here!). When i’m going for a ‘fuller’ look i always use these three products just to give my eyebrows a little help.


Step Four –

I then moved on to my eye shadow. I am using a dark brown shadow I got in a a KIKO palette, i think it might be discontinued because i cannot find it anywhere but i feel like the color really makes my eyes ‘pop’. I’m just using a shadow brush that i got from Amazon to blend it in to my lid.


Step Five – 

Next up were my eyes. I used a Ted Baker eyelash curler and held it on each eyelash for 10 seconds, I then went ahead and took my Lancome Black liner. I love this liner because it is so black and really gives a nice color to my eyes.

I just swept it along my waterline and directed it upwards at the ends. The mascara I went on to use is the push up drama mascara. I absolutely love this mascara, I always talk about it and always wear it. I feel like it makes me eyelashes ten times longer (I have a review here!).


Step Six –

Next up is my concealer. Again, this is another one of my ‘holy grail’ products. It’s the ‘hide the blemish’ concealer and I have used it for ages and ages. It’s not only cheap but it just really, really works for me!

If you are interested and did want to check it out Click here if you are in the EU US.

I am using a real techniques concealer brush just to blend it in around my eyes and eyebrows.

I then a big brush from ted baker and apply my setting powder. I feel like i repeat myself a lot but, this is something i alwaaaaaaaaays use. I can’t do a makeup look without this setting powder. It’s the Matte Maker in the shade ivory. I just feel like it really brings in my makeup and helps me stay matte all day.


Step Seven – 

I then take my contour brush and a bronzer from Kiko and just apply that to my cheek bones and around my forehead. I don’t use a lot of this because I am going for a dark eye/red lip combo and it just would throw off my whole look because I am so pale.

I did actually apply some highlighter to the same areas but cut it out when editing the video!


Step Eight –

The last step was my lips. I took a lip liner from KIKO that I love! It’s extremely pigmented and lasts for absolutely ages. I then went and filled in my lips with my MUA lipstick in the shade ‘reckless’ (I have a review here!).


I really hope you enjoyed this 60 second makeup video! If you did please let me know in the comments below!


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