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Maybelline Brow Drama Review

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I have mentioned the brow drama eyebrow crayon before, however it was only a brief little chat. You can see what I said here in my February Favorites but, if you’re anything like me and love a good in depth review then stay tuned.


picture of maybelline brow drama


What Is It? 

The Brow Drama Crayon is an eyebrow crayon. It’s really chubby (as you can see by the pictures) and is meant to fill in sparse areas of your brows and keep stray hairs in place.


Maybelline Brow Drama Review


First Impressions?

My first impressions of the brow drama were a little apprehensive. I am a pencil/powder kind of gal and the thought of a brow crayon was making me shudder.

I could imagine myself rocking some pretty dark looking, thick brows which is a look I don’t tend to go for…

I also thought it might have been too dark for me, I know i am a brunette but, it just looked a little dark so, when I pulled off the cap and did the first swatch I took a deep breath and…. I actually loved it. 


brow drama



I feel like having a good old gossip about this fat little eyebrow crayon. Firstly, what I need to do address is the fact that I think it has been unfairly talked about. A lot of people have been nasty about my little fat friend and I don’t think it’s fair.

This pomade crayon isn’t meant for feathery eyebrows or all over styling, it’s meant to keep stray hairs in place and fill in sparse areas (of which I have a lot!). It’s also perfect for people who have no idea what they are doing and just need a little something to give them a more defined arch or tail.

I don’t use it all over my brows, I use it to fill in some patches of my eyebrows that seem to have gone a little off of the rails.

I purchased my eyebrow crayon in the color ‘Medium Brown‘ but I do know they offer a range of different colors depending on your hair type and preference. The medium brown also isn’t dramatically dark, sometimes browns can be really overpowering and make me look like I am currently under observation but, the brow drama medium brown just suits me.

maybelline eyebrow crayon



Overview of the Pomade Crayon Please!

Basically, I love this crayon. It helps me fill in areas of my brows that are lacking, it helps me when I have no idea what I am doing and it also keeps stray hairs in place.

I love the color mine’s in and I love how you control the precision by either pressing down harder or using light strokes.

I am also a huge fan of the fact you just twist the bottom of the crayon to ‘sharpen’ it, a huge inconvenience out of the window.


If you haven’t already guessed I love love love the brow drama crayon, it really works for me and my brows.



You can check out the maybelline brow drama in the EU by clicking here and if you are in the US by clicking here.

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