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In Depth Review Of Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Cleansing Milk

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If you read my Giant Beauty Haul post you will know I have been eyeing up this product for quite some time. Huge bloggers and YouTubers were all non stop talking about this cleansing milk and I just needed it.

The idea that it ‘melts away makeup’ was just so intriguing to me and I won’t lie, I actually just wanted it because it was soap and glory and everyone else had it…

Anyway! for the first time in my life I used it last night to magically ‘melt away’ my makeup and here is what happened…


soap and glory cleansing milk


First Of All…What Is It?

Unlike my popular belief not a lot of people know what this product actually does, I assumed everyone knew about this new and improved wonder deep facial cleanser and oh, how wrong I was. This product seems to have been questioning their entire existence (slight dramatization!) and the fact that a cleanser is no longer just a ‘cleanser’ was baffling people even further…

This soap and glory peaches and clean cleanser is a 4-in-1 wash off deep cleansing milk. Still a little confused?

Okay…it melts away your makeup ( supposedly) and purifies and clarifies your skin. Not only that but it energizes AND soothes at the same time. Pretty impressive right?

Basically, if you’re still a little lost…It’s a cleanser that takes away your makeup and makes your skin feel fab all at the same time!

 I found it for the best price online by –

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Clicking Here If You Are In The EU

peaches and clean review

First Impressions? 

Hopefully you know by now that I was already blown away in excitement after receiving the soap and glory cleansing milk in the post. In fact as soon as boots took my order I felt an overwhelming sensation of excitement.

When I pulled it out of its cellophane and admired the bottle, it was true, i was a mixture of a giddy five year old on Christmas day and the look of a professional (semi-professional…okay novice!) blogger ready to take action and do a blog post. I tried to maintain composed but, I truly couldn’t wait for nightfall so I could take off my makeup and have it melt away


What Did You Think Of It? 

I took a cotton pad (as directed, I am not going to pretend I did this all by myself) and began applying the cleansing milk to my makeup. I even had my boyfriend look in to witness the magic of peaches and clean unfolding on my face.

I love the texture of this soap and glory cleansing milk. I thought it was going to be a lot more watery but, it’s like a creamy texture. I also loved that I only needed 2-3 pumps and it really covered my face.

As I began wiping I did feel a little disappointed at first. I stupidly truly wanted my makeup to melt off! I don’t really know what I was expecting, I just assumed it would start sliding from my face.

After a few more wipes with my cotton pad and disappointment almost flooding over me (I said almost!!), I looked up from the sink and saw my face had no more makeup left on it.

I was astounded! I couldn’t actually believe that a cotton pad and some cleansing milk had managed to remove a lot of high coverage makeup!

Once I saw this, the disappointment vanished and although I was expecting it to actually melt away, it did all come off in a matter of seconds. It was so amazing but, here’s where I made a huge mistake…

soap and glory peaches and clean 4-in-1 cleansing milk

My Huge Mistake…

I didn’t get the memo that you shouldn’t really use it on your eyes. Nobody mentioned that to me, apart from where it’s clearly stated on the peaches and clean bottle, not to get it in to your eyes…

I knew I had gone too far and was getting far too cocky for my own good when I took the cotton pad and started to wiped it across my mascara filled eyes…

Once the stinging had stopped and I was no longer convinced I would go blind, it wasn’t too bad really…it just was a bit embarrassing considering the show I made to my boyfriend.

Therefore if you do invest or even consider buying the soap and glory cleansing milk, avoid your eyes, especially in front of company…

What Does It Smell Like? 

I am not the greatest ‘peach‘ fan. I don’t like the fruit, I don’t like the synthetic tasting sweets and well, really I don’t like anything peach( Aside from anything made by Aussie!! ). However, because I was trying to be fabulous I ignored that the packaging and the actual product is called ‘peaches and clean‘.

To my horror and delight the cleansing milk smells peachy but, it has a hint of mint in there too (something I love!). Once my face was rid of makeup and rinsed with water it left my skin smelling really nice, the peach wasn’t overpowering and the minty smell was really subtle. I love the smell of this soap and glory cleansing milk, it makes a change from the usual smells of face cleansers.

soap and glory review

Overall… What’s Your Verdict? 

I love it. I really do. It made my skin feel amazing, it didn’t necessarily melt off my makeup but, it took it away (perhaps we could email soap and glory and bring this up with them?….Of course I am joking, I just feel a little silly since boasting about its ‘melting’ properties!).

I love the smell, i love the huge bottle and the price isn’t really too bad. I got mine for 6 pounds in the sale but, I think it’s usually around 8 or 9 anyway. It’s really worth it and so nice on any skin type.

My only con with the soap and glory peaches and clean cleansing milk is the fact that you can’t use it on your eyes! It’s also quite drying but, nothing a little bit of moisturizer can’t fix.




You can get soap and glory Peaches and clean for the best price online by Clicking Here If You Are In The US and Here If You Are In The EU. 


I hope you enjoyed this review on the 4-in-1 cleansing milk from soap and glory. If you did, please let me know in the comments below and let me know what you thought of it!




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    May 24, 2016 at 5:58 am

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

    • Lauren

      May 24, 2016 at 6:18 am

      Thank you so much!

  2. BeeEBraucher

    July 12, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

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