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Matte Lipstick Review – Must Read Before You Buy!

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Recently I got two brand new matte lipsticks to take for a whirl. You can see my excitement in a blog post I made the day i got them by Clicking Here!

Anyway! these two matte lipsticks are the Sleek Ultra Smooth Matte Me Lip Cream and MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer. The sleek matte lipstick was planned, totally planned. I knew I wanted this lipstick from the day I set eyes on it however, the MUA velvet lipstick was a spur of the moment, out of the blue splurge (sorry not sorry).

Now the introduction is out of the way let’s start on the in depth review of these two matte lipsticks…


mua reckless


First up is the ‘Sleek’ Ultra Smooth Matte Me Lip Cream –

I got the color ‘Birthday Suit’. I could of splurged on a million more but, this one just really spoke to me. It’s a nude/pink color and I feel like it would suit a variety of skin tones.

sleek birthday suit

It looks a little darker in the pictures but it’s so pigmented and really complimentary to me and my skin tone. It dries almost instantly and I personally didn’t find it too drying for my skin.

It also doesn’t smudge at all. I did the whole rubbing with my finger once it was dry and it didn’t move an inch, which I loved because I am always the person with smudged lipstick, always.

The packaging is so cute, it’s looks way more expensive than it really is (or is that just me?), I am also a huge fan of the whole ‘looks like a gloss, really a matte lippy’ vibe that it has going on. I feel like i will be whipping this out whenever I can just to show it off…


First Impressions?

My first impressions of sleek- birthday suit was that I loved the color. I don’t really have anything like it and just couldn’t wait to try it out.

It’s also really smooth and a little goes a long way, which is always a plus. Interestingly, I also found out through reading other peoples opinions on the sleek matte lipstick that it’s a dupe of the Kylie cosmetics matte lip in the shade ‘Dolce K‘. I don’t own the Kylie lipstick but, i have heard a few people say this about birthday suit and for a fraction of the price, it’s pretty cool to know.

Any Cons On The Sleek Matte Lipstick? 

I truly can’t think of any cons. If I really must scrape the barrel, I would say the applicator is a little weird but, i know i’m just being totally petty saying that! It’s not ‘weird’ per se it’s just a little hard to maneuver but, even writing this I feel embarrassed because it really isn’t even a con…

Next, Is The MUA Lip Lacquer In The Shade ‘Reckless’ – 

I own way too many red lipsticks. I don’t really know why I bought this matte lip. It was on a whim but, really I am glad I got it and here’s why…

mua matte lipstick

MUA isn’t the most luxurious brand, in fact in the UK you can buy a ton of their stuff for a pound. I had heard people talking about this lip lacquer and just decided to go for it.

Firstly, the color is amazing. I am talking bright red, ‘i am a vampire and the best person in this room red’. It’s so pigmented! It may not seem it on the pictures but, it’s one of the best reds I have seen for that price.

I was also extremely shocked at how good it smelt! It smells of sweets and just nice things, i never knew it even had a smell so it was a nice pleasant surprise.

The packaging looks slightly ‘dusty’ but it’s still really pretty and i really enjoy pulling it out whenever I can…

Any Cons For The MUA Lippy? 

Well, it didn’t really last as long as the sleek matte lipstick. It lasted a while but, I did find myself topping up on it more regularly.

It also took longer to dry, which would probably be annoying if you were in a rush but, truthfully it didn’t bother me because once it’s dry it looks beautiful.

Also, unlike sleek I did find myself wanting to use a lip liner because the color was so rich, I felt like one wrong move and the whole look was doomed.

Overall…Would You Recommend? 


sleek matte lipstick review

Yes! I would 100% recommend both of these matte lipsticks. I knew I would love sleek, one because I had heard so many good things about it and two, the color was just amazing. The MUA lipstick surprised me and I feel like such a snob for not having extremely high hopes for it…

They are also both fairly priced and come in really amazing colors. Both are pigmented more than you could imagine and do amazing things. I am so pleased I splurged and bought them both.

You can check out the sleek matte me by clicking Here If You Are In The US and Here If You Are In The EU

You can also check out the MUA lip lacquer in the EU by clicking here!


I hope you enjoyed this post on my two newest matte lipsticks! if you did please let me know in the comments and also let me know what you thought of them!


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