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Lush Products Review

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Hi Guys!


I love testing and reviewing things and as you may or may not know I hate being too critical. I would never purposely put a product down for views I will just tell you straight what was bad and what was good about the product.

Anyway, over the last few months I have been in and out of lush buying things so  that I can review and test them out. Admittedly  some of the things I talk about are from last year so I have been holding on to my opinions for quite a while now.

What I think Of Lush


I’ll admit where I used to live the Lush store was fairly new. People would go in just to see what this mystical ‘Lush’ was.  I think the main thing that would draw people in to this particular branch was the bright colors and friendly looking staff.

It also smelt amazing and looked super inviting. I was one of the first in there as I had heard of Lush before but had never been able to go in.

I immediately (obviously) loved the shop and hands down every single time I have been in there since the staff have been out of this world helpful and kind.

I am a little skeptical to buy some stuff as it is quite pricey (for me anyway) so sometimes I will go in just have a look knowing I won’t buy anything (sorry Lush employees).  The reason i don’t own a lot of lush things is mainly because of the price however, I do now and again do a little shopping as it is an amazing brand and I would be stupid to miss out.



Lush Products I own/Reviews


Below is a photo of all the Lush products I own and then even further down is all the reviews and links to their prices and descriptions online!



Lush Products Review


As you can see I don’t own loads and loads but enough for me to know about Lush and be able to comment on their products!


First up….


1 # ‘Whoosh’ Shower Jelly


I love the Lush shower Jellies. I especially loved this one and the ‘sweetie Pie’, Unfortunately I can’t find the latter anywhere online!

Anyway, Lush shower jelly’s are super cute, they are literally like holding jelly. I took mine away with me during the summer and everybody commented on it and how good it smelt. It is a little difficult to keep hold of in the shower but, it’s not really a problem because the product is so cute.

Sweetie pie reminds me of palma violets (amazing sweets), super sweet and girly and lovely and the Whoosh reminds me of the summer, it’s super fruity and refreshing.

Overall, it’s a fab product and lasts forever! My only issue was how difficult it is too maneuver in the shower but, like I said it’s not really an issue once you look at all the benefits of the product!


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Score 8/10

2 # Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

I think this could possibly be one of the first Lush products I bought. I love lip scrubs and exfoliators so, when I saw this I knew I had to buy it.

It’s fab because I still have mine from last year and it works perfectly. You can use a tiny amount or  a lot and you just scrub your lips with it. It’s great because you can lick off the excess.

It doesn’t stain your lips pink which I LOVE and it really smoothes out your lips. I have no issue with this product whatsoever and I would buy it a million times over.

Score 9/10

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3 #  Santa’s LIP Scrub

So this product is exactly like the one above except it’s obviously a different smell, taste and color. I received this as a gift after seeing it in the Lush store. I was beyond excited to try it out as I never try them out in the store because the thought of all them random fingers dipping themselves in to it makes me ill, anyway…

It hurts me to say, it’s not amazing. Yes, it’s cute and ‘Christmassy’ and cheap and lovely but, it’s not amazing. Mine seemed to be a little ‘hard’. It didn’t apply as smoothly as the bubblegum lip scrub did.

I’ve seen countless people saying the same thing so it’s obviously meant to be like that but, it’s a lot harder to dip in to a smooth on to your lips as it’s a little…hard.

It smells amazing and looks amazing but, i’m just a little unhappy with it. Surely i’m not alone?

Score 5/10

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4 # Lush “Sparkle” Toothy Tabs

Ok, let me tell you a little story about this product.

A few weeks ago I went in to my local Lush with my mum. We looked around for a bit and I came across these ‘Toothy Tabs’, there was an array of them and like I said before, I hate trying stuff in the store yet, I was still super intrigued. I mean not having to use toothpaste is revolutionary, right?

Well in my case no! From one of the testers I took a ‘toothy tab’ wrong, I know. Anyway, I did. I kept it safe in my pocket for around 30 minutes until I got home and decided to test that baby out. I did as the packet had said, I popped it in my mouth and chewed until I needed to brush.

Let’s just say I couldn’t physically get my tooth brush  near my face as I was so close to being sick.  This ‘tab’ tasted of absolute vomit. I was coughing and spluttering for ages before I could brush.

A few hours later it felt like my mouth had been burnt and I was actually in pain from this ‘tab’.

Now, I don’t know if I had a bit of a funny tablet or if storing it in my pocket for 30 mins had caused it to taste like bile but, it truly was awful.

I’m sad because I have heard a million reviews since saying how much people love the ‘toothy tabs’ I couldn’t even pretend they were good so, I obviously did something extremely wrong!

Score 1/10

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5 # Lush Pink Fun

I received this as a present and had wanted it for ages and ages. It’s also one of Lush’s cheaper products and it’s actually so much pun intended.

You just break off a tiny amount and you can use it to wash with or even wash your hair with. I didn’t really want to wash my hair with it but in the end I did and seriously no regrets.

It smells divine and again lasts forever and forever. I would buy this a million times over purely for the novelty and the quality of it!

My only issue is putting it back in the packet when it’s running out is a little fiddly but seriously who cares?

Score 8/10

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6 # Lush Tooth Fairy

Last but certainly not least is the Lush Tooth Fairy powder. I bought this the same day I had that huge problem with the toothy tabs so, of course I was extremely hesitant about using more lush products on my teeth.

I do have to say that the only reason I bought it was because it was pink and sparkly and the nice Lush lady told me it was great for travelling with.

I was a little confused how to use it but the lady told me you just dip your wet brush in the pot and brush as normal. I did as instructed and although it tasted a little weird, I think because i’m used to a minty taste rather than a sprakly strawberry. The taste wasn’t the best in the world but, it wasn’t horrible, it actually made a nice change.

I did use my normal toothpaste after as I love to have minty breath but, I was seriously impressed and my faith in Lush teeth products was restored.

Score 8/10

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The final thing I bought but, you can’t purchase online (i think!) is the Lush Charity pot. When I was buying my Fairy Tooth Powder I was asked if I wanted to donate just a pound to charity and receive a tiny pot of their hand and body lotion. I of course said yes and although it’s really small it’s soooo nice and smells amazing. I use it every night on my hands and face and still have loads left.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Lush Products Review if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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