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Mothers Day Gift Guide 2016

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I am so sorry to all the mums out there (including my own), I did not realize how close mothers day in the UK actually was. I thought I had plenty of time to think about it but, turns out I don’t.

If you’re now panicking it’s March the 6th which is this Sunday!!!! and in the US it’s not until May the 8th.

I’m going to target this at the US too, so that you have time to not panic. But for my fellow Brits who are now probably frantically opening up Amazon do not fear, Lauren is here (I’ve never used that one before…).


Mothers Day Gift Guide 2016

# Candles

Unless your mum is super sensitive to smells, candles are the best place to go. I know my mum loves candles and should I greet her with a giant Yankee candle, she would probably start crying. Which means bonus points to me and bonus points over my brother.


Mothers Day Gift Guide

Everyone likes the smell of clean cotton. It’s a safe bet, it’s crisp and clean smelling.

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# Body Lotion 

Every woman moisturizes (or should) and if your mum is anything like mine she would never ask for what she actually wanted (annoying but, quite sweet). Try something you know she will likes but, would never ever buy for herself. I love this lotion,


Mothers Day Gift Guide

I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory and their classic scent is loved by virtually every body on this earth. It’s a really lovely formula that leaves your skin super smooth and smelling amazing after having a bath or shower.


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# Face Cream 

Just like the body lotion I know my mum never treats herself. Mothers day is an amazing time to pick up her favorite face cream and treat her to it. If you still have no idea, this is my mums favorite.


Mothers Day Gift Guide

This face cream is a best seller on Amazon in the UK. It’s loved by so many people.

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# Pedi 

Once again this is probably something most mums wouldn’t buy for themselves, either it’s too much of a treat, too expensive or they just would rather spend the money on someone else.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

We all get hard skin on our feet over the years so, you can probably borrow this too. Sorry mum’s.

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If your mums in to chocolate I made a guide on chocolate lovers perfect gifts, you can check that out by clicking here. 


I also made one for those obsessed with pugs ( you can check that out here) and another for those in love with pumpkin spice! (Click here to check that out!)

Some Gifts That Will Mean The World…

If you’re looking for some gifts that are a little bit different look no further. I think gifts are thoughtful no matter what they are or where they are from so here are some more alternatives…


Buy her some flowers. Because Mother’s day is on a Sunday, get them the day before from a local store or even a florist. Just keep them in a small amount of water and they won’t die until your mum can get her paws on them  the following morning.

A card she will probably keep forever. Make her a nice card and even cook her lunch. It’s such a nice gesture and if your mums like mine it would probably mean more than any gift.

If you’re not with your mum, make sure you ring her on Mothers day. Don’t just send her a gift and text her, actually call her up. It will take five minutes out of your day and will make hers.


I hope you enjoyed my Mothers day gift guide 2016, if you did please let me know in the comments below. Also, whether you’re a mother yourself or a soon to be one, happy mothers day…you all do a great job.x


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