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Things I’ve Learnt Since Turning 20

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Hi everyone and welcome to, I was contemplating  even writing this post but, I really wanted share some of my new found twenty year old knowledge. I actually really enjoyed writing this post so dear reader, I hope you enjoy reading it!



Things I've learnt Turning 20


Granted I only turned 20 in October 2015. I am not fully in my twenties (I am but, i’m not at the same time…it makes more sense if you don’t think about it!). I was devastated to leave my teens behind me, as I returned from Amsterdam the day before my 20th birthday I couldn’t of been sadder to leave being a teen behind.

I know that’s selfish, some people don’t even make it to their twenties so hooray for me but, it just bummed me out that I was no longer  a ‘teen’.

I couldn’t of imagined not being a teen, them years seemed to go on forever, I still feel like i’m a little over 17 on the inside and I have only just changed the age on my Instagram to ’20’ why’s that you may ask? well…I have learnt some things since turning 20 and here’s what happened…


Things I've Learnt Since Turning 20


People Are So Insignificant

I don’t mean that your mum or your dad aren’t important but, people you went to school with, all the drama is so insignificant. There’s no reason for it and the bitchiness, the worry all doesn’t matter.

I was the first to worry what people thought about me in secondary school, I was constantly worried about being caught in an argument and granted, I am still like that, I hate fights and conflict but, I truly do not care what people think.

If you are caught in a drama right now, trust me when you’re 20 you probably won’t even remember their names, because you turn pretty badass at twenty.

Not just friends and partners but, things people have said, the mistakes you’ve made are really forgotten about. I hated my school, do I remember anybodies name? Nope.


Your Life Isn’t Sorted


I was never stupid, I knew success came from hard work and dedication. I just was a little unrealistic about how quickly it happened.

I still feel that 16 is way to young to decide what you want to do with your future, I have changed my career choice dramatically about 4 times in the space of two years and at 16 I had no idea.

My situation was a little different to most normal people so when I chose my A-Levels it was more of a ‘what can I do that will benefit me as a person’ more than my future.

I expected to turn 20 and have a thriving career, a flat and a job, probably even a dog of my own but, it isn’t like that.

Of course some people have fantastic things at 20 and good for them but, most of us don’t.

If you are 20 and panicking about your life, don’t. We are so young and have our whole lives to do whatever you want. You’re never too old to get a job or start a new career, don’t listen to your parents if they tell you what you’re doing won’t make you rich, if you’re happy and believe in what you’re doing, stick to it.

Do you think the creators of Apple, Microsoft or even Facebook got it in the first try? no they didn’t and most of them went bankrupt first (not recommended), so don’t worry just keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to be okay.


Your Parents Were A Teeny Bit Right

Let me just tell you, I wasn’t a bad kid (really I wasn’t). I also know my mum is probably reading this so, if I was a bad kid she will never know.

When I say your parents were right, they weren’t always (sorry mum but blonde highlights weren’t cute), they were however right when they told me braces would be worth it, they were right when they said I would become a freaky eater, they were right when they told me I was better than any bully and they were right when they told me never to get my tongue pierced (Thanks guys!)

My mum has given me the best advice my whole life and even when I didn’t listen, I knew she was right.

I know it’s hard to admit that your lip piercing and your green hair didn’t rock at 15 and that your boyfriend wasn’t a weirdo but, everything they do is in your best interest. (I am also totally acceptant to the fact that a lot of parents are intentionally cruel and that’s okay too, in your twenties you will move on).

The thing we forget growing up is that our parents are people too, in a real relationship that just happened to have kids. They have all been 15 and they have all thought the same things and done the same things as you so, a lot of the time when they seem whiny and rude, it will all make sense when you’re 20.



Things I've Learnt Since Turning 20


Facebook Isn’t Real

I rarely find myself on facebook anymore. I don’t enjoy it. I did however spend a lot of my time hooked on the social media platform during my teens.

The one thing you need to learn no matter your age is that people exaggerate and people lie about a lot of stuff to make themselves look better than they actually are.

I didn’t know this until I turned 20. It hit me that when people expressed all over their page how fantastic their night out was and how much it fun it had been, I saw them crying in a corner arguing with their best friend.

Yes yes people have great times and like to share it on their facebook but, a lot of it isn’t real and you shouldn’t have to feel bad for not going out or not enjoying the same things as them.


It’s Okay To Be Different

My whole teenage life I struggled with being a little bit different. I wasn’t that in to going out, I didn’t enjoy arguing, I hated my voice and I was so insecure about other girls and how they made me feel.

Turning 20 hasn’t made me less insecure it’s just made me realize that I am different and that’s okay. I’m not different looking, I’m just a bit of an introvert when it comes to normal teenage things and a lot of the people around me.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going out, I enjoy dressing up and having fun but, taking drugs, drinking and being freezing cold at 4am outside just wasn’t fun for me.

Not only that, as I said before I hated my voice. We all have our insecurities whether it be our hair, skin, height, weight we all have them but, for me it was my voice.

My voice

For some reason I was blessed with a high voice, it’s not particularly cute, it’s just annoying. I didn’t want to open up about this on my blog but, I wish somebody had told me when I was teenager that it was actually pretty cool.

I obviously got people having ‘banter’ about it, and I still do but, now I know how to control myself. If somebody makes fun I laugh it off and never speak to them ever again (Bit extreme but, I then know what kind of person they are), if they comment and tell me how ‘cute’ it is, I laugh it off and still speak to them. Of course I don’t keep them as high in my eyes but, they are better than the people that think they’re funny.

Having something so different actually made me pretty unique and has given me free/discounted drinks/food in the past, something I will always be grateful for.

Every day it bothers me that I don’t sound like other people on the phone and getting asked if my mum is in by the bank is a big struggle but, turning 20 has made it funny and I can now laugh at myself instead of feeling sad about these things.

I also like to think some past relation in my family had this voice and was some murderous witch that cursed anyone who fell for her charm, which makes me pretty happy. “Insert Cute But Psycho Meme Here”.

I was so insecure about my voice and I can have days when I still am but, i’m hoping to become a voice actor for kids shows and cartoons which will just show every single person (including some family members) that I came out on top.


Things I've Learnt Since Turning 20


Small Side Note…

It’s also okay to stay in bed all day and watch tv as long as you get out of bed the next day. Your mental health is so much more important than absolutely anything.



Nothing Changes…

If i’m totally honest…nothing really changes. You realize you’re closer to 30 than you are 10 (that hit me hard so I had to tell you so i’m not alone) and you realize that you will probably have kids in the next 10 years, you may also realize that your metabolism slows at 25 so it’s best to sort yourself out now but, truthfully you’re still the same person just a little wiser.

I still feel 17 on the inside and probably always will, just don’t let anyone force you in to a job you don’t want or a career you don’t want. If you’re happy don’t worry about anybody else because in the end it’s you who has to live your life, not them.

Well, that got deep.


I hope you enjoyed this post, it was extremely ‘deep’ for me to write about something so openly on my blog. I never thought I would go in to so much detail but, I did.

I have one last bit of advice and it’s all to do with your career. Steve Jobs once said that everything around you is made by people no smarter than you, so bear that in mind if you’re struggling right now, no matter what age you are.

Have a great day,

Lauren. x

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