Super Simple Christmas Nails

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I have been LOVING my nails recently. I have mentioned this before in my How to grow long nails post and my Sally Hansen Nail Reviews . I never thought my nails would be a thing in my life, considering just how awful they really were. I wish I had pictures I could show you but, trust me, they have improved dramatically.

With new, long, strong nails comes great nail designs. I’m not amazing so I don’t feel confident enough yet to share those with you but, I do however have a Christmas Nail art design to show you, using only Three different nail polishes and no fancy tricks! Ready? Let’s go!


Super Simple Christmas Nails

Step 1


Super Simple Christmas Nails

These are the three colors I will be Using. The first is

Sally Hansen-Nailgrowth Miracle (US Link)

Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle (EU Link)

The Red is

Similar Product (US LINK)

Rimmel Double Decker Red

And Finally The sparkly green is by Kiko and I can’t find it anywhere online! If you do happen to come across it let me know in the comments below and i’ll mention you here!

Any green will work as long as it’s fairly bright and added feature would be that it contains sparkles!

Step 2

Super Simple Christmas Nails


Make sure your nails are filed (no snags or chips) and nice and clean free of any remaining polish. After i’ve made sure my nails are all ready I apply my Nailgrowth serum and wait for that to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3


Super Simple Christmas Nails

If i’m doing a design like this where one nail is singled out I will always start with all the other nails to make sure they’re perfect before moving on.

Super Simple Christmas Nails

I let them all fully dry before moving on to my final nail. This way there is no chance of smudging if things get a little technical which I have a step for below.

Step 4



Super Simple Christmas Nails

As you can see the red I used is super red. It’s bright, which is something I wanted to achieve as we all know red and green mean Christmas.

Super Simple Christmas Nails

That’s you done! if you want to make them even ‘Christmassy’ however, you just need to follow the steps below.

Extra Step

Super Simple Christmas Nails

(I know it’s super messy but, who cares?) To make my nails even more seasonal and super cute all I would do now is take my white, french manicure nail polish and begin the next process.

Super Simple Christmas Nails

This nail polish is so awesome because the brush is so small. It’s almost like a nail art pen. I actually don’t use it for french manicures but instead for designs like this. If you don’t have a skinny brush but, a good white nail polish, that’s bright try using a toothpick and dipping it in to the nail polish to begin the next step.

Super Simple Christmas Nails

All I did was begin with large dots and make my way in to smaller ones. It gives this awesome effect that you often see on Christmas Designs.

Super Simple Christmas Nails

This is the finished product! If you wanted to you could go over the nails with a clear polish to make them ultra shiny but, I just like to leave them how they are.

There you have it some Super Simple Christmas Nails! As you can see they are ultra easy to re-create and nothing complicated happened to make them even remotely difficult to achieve! If you do have a go at creating them let me know how it went in the comments below!


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