How to apply makeup for a photo

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I hate hate hate when you take a picture and as you turn to look at it you literally look like you have dipped your head in some white paint and you loved it.

It’s just not a cute look, for anybody. That’s why I created this handy, helpful little guide on how to prepare your face for photos so you won’t look like Caspar the friendly ghost.




How to apply makeup for a photo



1 # First off, clean your face. Make sure it’s ready for any product and it’s not irritated or dry.

2 # If you then go off and use a moisturizer (like I do!) well, don’t. If you’re having photos taken use a good quality primer  instead as a moisturizer. It will not only moisturize your face but prime your face ready for makeup.

I use this one but, any good quality primer will do!

Cheap Primer I Use (UK Link)

Cheap Primer I Use (US Link)



3# Use a foundation without SPF. I would never do this unless you know you’re going to be in some pictures. SPF protects your skin against harmful rays so, leaving it out is a little silly but, SPF does also make the flash of the camera really bring out the flash against your face! hence making you ultra white.



4 # Whatever color your foundation is whether it be sand, nude, beige, dark…make sure it matches your neck. There’s nothing worse than having a flawless face in photos to find your neck is the white one and you look ridiculous!



5# A long with no SPF try and use a foundation without any oils. Oils make you shiny, and if them cameras start flashing, imagine the shine!!


6 # I’ve talked about this translucent powder before. It’s amazing and for the price it does the job. When taking photos you want to make sure you skip any powders that aren’t translucent. Translucent powders are essentially invisible, if you use a powder with even a hint of color, it’s going to completely throw off that flash!


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Click Here For The Best Price On Translucent Powders In The US…


7# When it comes to your eyes use a primer to keep your shadow in place. It will also make sure no matter what the day or night brings, when photos come around your eye makeup won’t be everywhere!


8# On your lips use a little more color than you usually would. This will just ensure your lips pop and your lips are visible in photos.



9# when it comes to lips also try and stay away from dark colors. They wash you out  naturally, especially if you’re very pale so, if you mix that in with a camera flash all of your hard work will be ruined.



10# One final tip is if you have applied a bold lipstick, apply some gloss over the top. It’s the one thing we don’t mind shining in photos!



How to apply makeup for a photo


I hope How to apply makeup for a photo  helped you in some way! if it did please let me know in the comments below!


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