Soap and Glory Products I Received 2015

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Hi guys!

I swore I wouldn’t make a ‘What I got For Christmas’ post ( and I didn’t!)  but, when I received some Soap & Glory goodies for Christmas 2015 I just couldn’t resist not showing you them!

Before I start i’m not showing off, i’m not trying to be better than anyone I am just a HUGE fan of soap & Glory and I received two awesome gifts from Santa that I just couldn’t wait to try out, I had no idea I was getting them and I know they’re expensive and even if they weren’t I am so grateful and happy to be able to show other Soap & Glory lovers alike!

Now that’s out the way, let’s get started on the products!


Soap and Glory Products I Received 2015


The first Soap & Glory Product I received was the ‘The Wheel Deal



Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015


It was a complete surprise when I opened it, when I was poking around my presents on Christmas eve I originally thought it was a tin of sweets…


I am in love with Soap & Glory body butters and having only tried a handful I was beyond happy when I had a wheel of body butters.

The gift contains literally every single one of their butters AND a body polish!!!





First around my ‘wheel’ is the ‘Butter Yourself’


Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

This body butter smells of ‘five fruits‘. It’s one of my favorites around the wheel as it’s just so refreshing and creamy. It smells like a smoothie, but a good smoothie. On the tub it says it contains notes of ‘frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig, and jungle pomelo essence’ mmm yum!





The original Pink Body Butter ‘The Righteous Butter’

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

If you know me you know this is my all time favorite Body Butter. The smell, the feel, the look and oh, did I mention the smell?



Number three is the lightly whipped ‘Smoothie Star’ 


Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

This body butter is definitely oozing with almond. Mine actually looks like melted butter but a lot more appealing. I also just looked at the back of the tub and it’s scented with pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. It’s delicious,  I could literally eat it…




  Bring on number four.. it’s ‘Sugar Crush’

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

If you read my post on Is Soap And Glory Really Worth It? you will know me and sugar crush have some beef...I’m just not that in love with it. This time around with it coming in the wheel of body butters it has grown on me and of course i’ll use it all up, I am just not it’s BFF. Sorry…




  The underdog award goes to….’Orangeasm

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

I don’t think I had ever actually smelt this particular product before and I was pleasantly surprised. If you don’t like orangy, lemony smells you probably won’t like it because it is rich but, I love it! it makes me want to be so tan after being on the beach all day, sipping cocktails and being hand fed grapes..anyone else?

If you are wondering what i’m talking about imagine the smell of fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils.



Finally in my wheel of Soap & Glory products is ‘Flake Away’

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

Flake away is a body polish that you apply on to your damp skin that gets rid of flaky skin or rough edges.

I have used this product before and loved it so, when it came in my wheel in a giant 200ml tub I was ecstatic. It smells amazing and does a wonderful job.





I received the wheel and I was so, so happy and then Santa did the absolute unexpected and produced this baby…





‘In The Bag’

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

I know I was as shocked as you are (i’m assuming you’re shocked)

I saw everyone receiving this gift on twitter and I must say I was getting a little jealous. Not because i’m a jealous person but, because I love Soap & Glory and I love cute carry bags.

This present was hidden away on Christmas day and it just made me squeal in shock. I have already of course emptied the bag and replaced the things inside with a small amount of makeup and all of the soap and glory minis which came in super handy when I went away a few days ago.





What’s inside? 

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

Soap and Glory Products I Got 2015

How cute is that? They are even still selling this gift set online for an amazing price:


Click Here For The Best Price In The UK 

Click Here For The Best Price On A Similar Product In The US…





I loved every single minute of smelling, receiving and talking about these products and I super grateful for being able to receive them this Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Soap and Glory Products I Received 2015 if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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