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Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues

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I was born in October so unfortunately I was never blessed with being able to have cool summer pool parties for my birthday. It’s one thing I will hold against my parents forever because I am a summer baby trapped inside a winter babies body.

I hate the cold, it makes me sad and lonely. I cannot bring myself to smile when it’s cold outside, I lose all motivation for life (okay maybe not that far)  but, I do hate it.

Don’t get me wrong there’s things I like. I love Christmas and my birthday and big, baggy jumpers and big duvets but, all of this takes place inside my home. None of it is outside in the freezing cold.

I think it’s fair to say I suffer from the winter blues as soon as September hits. I do however have a few things I like to do, just to stop myself crying in a heap every night…




Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues





Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues



1 # Light it up!

The first thing I like to do when the winter draws in, is invest in some candles. I have a post on my Favorite Yankee Candles in which you can see the types of smells and colors I like to invest in. I did however make ANOTHER little guide below on some other ‘wintery’ candles I love just because i’m a little candle mad!


Shearer Candles Oriental Fig (UK LINK)

Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues



Winter Wonderland UK LINK

Winter Wonderland US LINK


Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues



Gingerbread Vanilla Scented Mason Jar UK LINK

Gingerbread Vanilla Scented Mason Jar US LINK



Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues



Frosted Ice Blue Snowflake Winter Jeweled Glass Candle Holders (US LINK)


Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues





2 # Lights…

Aside from candle mania I like to buy some cheap fairy lights. I know you can use fairy lights all year round but, I like to leave it until the winter time. I dangle them around my mirror and around my window just so at night it feels a little more cozier.


Click Here For The Best Price On Fairy Lights (UK LINK)

Click Here For The Best Price On Fairy Lights (US LINK)



3 # Fuzzy Things


By fuzzy I mean fluffy and by things I mean socks, pjs and dressing gowns. I love to feel warm and nice (obviously!) so, if I can curl up in my fluffy things it makes me feel 10 times better. I’ve linked below some of my absolute favorite ‘fuzzy’ things, for you to take a look at!

Fluffy Socks (UK LINK)

Fluffy Socks (US LINK)


Fluffy Pjs! (UK LINK)

Fluffy Pjs (US LINK)



4 # Eat well

I know it’s the last thing you want to hear on a cold winter night. But, by eating the right foods it can seriously improve your mood. I like to drink a ton of herbal teas and as much water as I can during the days.

I also eat really ‘clean’ and have one cheat day a month. That way it makes my downers almost non existent.


5 # Series

I don’t know about you but during the summer I find it quite hard to stick to a series. I seem to disregard television during the summer, normally it’s too hot to be sitting indoors and two there’s always too much going on.

But, when the winter comes spinning around a good series can get me through it. Nothing beats, curling in to bed with a hot drink, a nice snack and your favorite series.

My favorite series this year were:

  • AHS Hotel
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Modern Family
  • Geordie Shore
  • Workaholics
  • The Real Housewives…
  • Orange Is The New Black



6  # Tan

I know this sounds strange but, by grabbing a bottle of fake tan and tanning myself up over the winter can make me feel a million times better.

I love being tan but, unfortunately I was blessed with extremely pale skin that doesn’t like the sun. So, fake tanning is usually where I am at all throughout the year. The sun during the summer just helps it build but, during the winter still being able to tan when i’m feeling especially blue makes me feel 10 times better!

I made a post a few months back on how to get a deep dark tan, here along with my favorite tanning products!



I hope you enjoyed my post on Things To Do To Fight The Winter Blues! If you did please let me know in the comments below!




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