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How Not To Overindulge This Christmas

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So Christmas is around the corner and if you’re on a strict diet or even just watching what you eat, this can be a difficult time of year. The shelves are packed with sweet treats and chocolate goodies, at home the cupboards are packed with biscuit after biscuit and it’s hard.


I try not to over eat at Christmas time because it leaves me feeling horrible but, that doesn’t mean I don’t overeat. For years and years now I have gone a little mad at Christmas and fallen right off my routine. Once that sugar hits my bloodstream i’m like a dog with a bone.

This year is going to be different though. This year I do not want to over indulge as I have done so well for the past 5 months or so. I’ve lost loads of weight, I feel so much better inside my skin and my body feels so good for it to.

That’s why I have created the plan below to help you not overindulge at Christmas.



How Not To Overindulge This Christmas (or ever)




Let me first tell you that I am so excited to eat what I want this Christmas, as I said before I have been following a strict diet so, to be able to eat a packet or two of biscuits is going to be beyond magical for me.

I love Christmas food and because I haven’t eaten badly for months my body is so hyped for it. I do however have a horrible fear of being sick from eating far too much. So, let’s where my plan comes in:


#Drink Tea –

No, i’m not just saying that because i’m British. Tea actually aids digestion, especially herbal teas.

Peppermint, Lemon, Lemon and Ginger and Green tea all help get things moving so you can enjoy your next course. Drinking hot tea after a meal is also so much better than drinking cold water. Cold drinks can solidify your food making them harder to digest, hence the tea 😉


#Stop –

When you’re feeling full just stop. That last roast potato looks amazing but, think about your belly. If you push it’s boundaries now then later when the sweet tin gets cracked open you won’t have a lot of room, it’s all about crafty planning.

# Pace Yourself –

Have you ever noticed people who midway through eating put their knife and fork down and just wait around a minute? well, this is all about pacing yourself. Allowing your body to digest the food at it’s own pace will really help you to not over indulge as you’re eating at a normal rate.


# Brisk Walk

Nobody wants to hear the words ‘walk’ on Christmas day. But, it is a perfect excuse to get out in to the fresh air and burn a few calories before enjoying some more food. If you have a dog, quickly take him around the block, it’s a great excuse and might even work up an appetite!


# Fluids

This Christmas I am going to try and avoid alcohol. It feels me up so quickly and when it comes to food vs alcohol I would pick alcohol food every time.

Drinks like water, tea, fruit juice, anything flat is fine. But fizzy drinks and alcohol just blow up your stomach allowing less room for food.


# Bed

Try not to eat right before bed. Otherwise you might end up with the worst stomach pains and a really bad nights sleep. I try and finish all of my eating by 7:30 that way a few little sweets before bed on Christmas day won’t hurt me at all.



# Portion Control

It’s Christmas you’re allowed to overeat and feel rotten but, when it comes to having 10 potatoes or 5 I would stick to the smaller number. This just means you have room for more stuff and you won’t feel like a sloth!



Tips ‘N’ Tricks


  • Carry around a bottle of water with you. I do this every day and it really helps you get your fluids, it will help you digest your food and lastly it will stop you from drinking sugary, high fat drinks! You can also see my post here on how to stay hydrated throughout the day.

I like to use cute water bottles like these: Cheap UK Water Bottle!

    Cheap US Water Bottle!

  • Aside from the cute water bottle you could also carry around a super cute mug full of hot tea. I’ve linked below some of my favorites as i’m a sucker for anything like this!

Cheap Pug Mug UK Link

Cheap Pug Mug US Link

  • Here is a list of teas and what they do just to help you out over the holidays


To wake up: Peppermint

To Sleep:  Chamomile Tea

For Flu Symptoms: White Tea

For Digestion: Lemon and Ginger

To Detox: Nettle

For Nausea: Ginger Tea

For Energy: Green Tea

For An Antioxidant Boost: Rooibos Tea





  • Lastly, don’t feel bad if you do overindulge. Christmas is all about enjoying yourself and being with your loved ones. Eating one extra biscuit or a couple of extra bits of choc won’t hurt you whatsoever!






I hope you enjoyed my post on How Not To Overindulge This Christmas, if you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know your tips!


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