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What’s In My Bag?

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Hi Everyone!


I thought I would do something a little different today. I have seen these types of posts all over YouTube and blogging platforms so, I thought I would try it out. I’m ultra nosy so being able to see so intimately in to someones handbag is my idea of reading heaven so, enjoy!

Before I begin my bag does often contain a lot of crumbs, wrappers and old receipts but, I decided not to tip my bag upside and to just show you the essentials rather than the mess. I also haven’t tampered with my bag so whatever I show is genuinely in there…


Let’s begin!


What's In My Bag?



What's In My Bag?

This is my bag. It’s from Topshop and was given to me by my boyfriend about two years ago. I loved it then and I love it now and it still hasn’t got any visible signs of wear. I use it virtually every time I go out just because it is so good at transporting all of my things and does go with almost every single outfit. The inside is also leopard print which is so me, I just love it and wish Topshop still sold it because it’s like an antique!


What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

As you can see the inside is pretty full, it does make the bag heavy but, who cares?

Passport Holder – Where I live you need to carry your passport and driving licence around with you at all times so, I just bought this cute little turquoise holder so that they weren’t just floating around inside my bag!

Earphones – The earphones just came with my phone and I love them.

Chewing Gum – I can’t leave the house without some gum in my bag. It sounds silly but, whenever I eat a meal or am just driving I like to chew on some gum. I rarely buy the non minty kind because I have a thing for fresh breath!

Burt’s Bees – I got a whole tube of different Burt’s Bees Lip Balms and I love them. The one in my bag at the moment is the vitamin E and Peppermint. It makes your lips so smooth and obviously it’s minty so, i love it.

Gosh Lip Gloss – The lip gloss is by gosh, normally I carry around a matte lipstick but, I obviously have misplaced that somewhere!

Tissues – The whole tissue thing is so recent. I never used to carry tissues around but, i’ve just got over a cold and I realized how handy tissues are when you’re out and about so, tissues will be a must until they run out.

Hand cream – I always carry around a little hand cream with me. It’s kind of a nervous thing I do now, it keeps my hands busy If I don’t know what to do with them. How sad is that?

My purse – I change purses every few months and the one i’m using now is from ‘Pull & Bear’ and is super old. It’s got all sorts of scratches and tears in it but I love it as it holds every single one of my store cards.

Paracetamol – I suffer from quite bad headaches every so often so, I carry around a pack of paracetamol just in case i’m stranded and need some extra help.

Hand Sanitizer – I always carry around hand sanitizer with me. I have an irrational fear of having ‘germy’ hands so no matter where I am you can often find me lathering my hands up with this bad boy. It’s also really useful even if you aren’t afraid of germs for when you use a public toilet and there isn’t soap.

Lush Charity Pot – I love this little pot I bought from Lush. I use it as a hand cream and a face cream but, it’s so small that I just carry it around with me in case I can’t find my other hand cream!

Lush Lip Scrub – I am a huge fan of the Lush Lip Scrubs and I always carry one around with me, at the moment it’s the ‘bubblegum’.

Glasses – As I said before I suffer from headaches and my eyes seemed to have been contributing a little to them so, I got them tested and now I have to wear glasses whilst I work and watch television. I don’t wear them as much as I should but, I carry them everywhere just in case I feel a headache coming on.

Pen – You seriously don’t realize how much you need a pen when you don’t have a pen, I always carry a pen normally for other people. I am that person who produces the pen, go me.

And of course I always carry around my house keys and car keys, I just didn’t include them in the photo!


What's In My Bag?


The makeup inside of bag isn’t really anything you could create any sort of look with. I did used to carry a small makeup bag with me but, it was weighing me down and I realized I hardly ever, ever used the makeup inside of it. Therefore I limited myself to only a few small essentials.


Mascara The mascara inside my bag pocket is the ‘Lancome Hypnose Drama’. I love it, it’s so dark and makes my eyelashes pop like crazy.


Eyeliner I carry the Lancome ‘Le Crayon Noir’. It’s amazingly pigmented and lasts forever so, if my eyeliner ever needs a top up Lancome is there.


Powder I’ve talked about this powder a million and one times before. It’s the Rimmel Matte Maker, I love it. It’s really cheap and really works with my skin. You can also see the stupid little brush that I stuck with it that just sits in my bag, It’s surprisingly handy .




I really hope you enjoyed my What’s In My Bag? if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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