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Super Easy Toe Nail Art

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As you may or may not know I am a huge newbie fan of nail art. I explained the products I use and what got me in to it in this article here  if you’re interested I do recommend you read that first!

Anyway! I love nail art and although i’m not an expert and more goes wrong than right I still love it and get so much enjoyment out of creating new and easy designs.

The worst thing for me is trying to follow a tutorial and it being so complicated you just give up, that’s why i’m trying to create nail art that’s easy for everyone and accessible to everyone.


Super Easy Toe Nail Art


Super Easy Toe Nail Art

The reason for this nail art idea is that it’s my boyfriends birthday coming up and I wanted something cute but, I didn’t know what. I wanted my nails in a simple french manicure but I still wanted some sort of nail art and that’s when I looked down at my toes. I suddenly thought of the balloon idea and tested it out, just to make sure it was easy to do and it was!


First things first…you’re going to need a few things.


Super Easy Toe Nail Art


You’re going to need a base color for the ‘background’ this will be the main color of your toe. I used the KIKO pink kind of color as my background.

The white is for the string of my balloon. I’m using a french manicure white as it comes with a super skinny brush.

The purple is going to be the color of my balloon and the yellow a little yellow dot i’m going to put under the balloon as a ‘tie’. I got these awesome nail art colors in this set.

And of course a nail file to file your nails in to a nice shape.

Nail tools


The three nail art tools that you see in the picture above, I got for Christmas and I adore them. They come in a huge set and have helped me out so much, i’ll link it all down below if you’re interested to see what I used.

I am using one skinny looking paintbrush just to smudge out my white string a little. The large dotting tool to make the balloon and the skinny dotting tool to make my yellow tie.

You can use any colors you want I just decided on these because they seemed to work the best with my base color.

If you don’t have any nail tools instead of the large dotting tool try using the end of a pencil, instead of skinny dotting tool and toothpick and for the straight line try using the same toothpick extremely carefully to create a straight line!


Step 1

Using your nail file, file your nails in to a nice shape.

You then need to paint your nails with your base coat and allow that to completely dry.


Super Easy Toe Nail Art

Step 2


Taking your balloon color make a pea sized amount of the color on a piece of paper and dip in your large dotting tool and proceed making a balloon shaped figure on your toe. Don’t worry if it’s too small just keep adding to it, until it’s your desired shape.


Super Easy Toe Nail Art

Super Easy Toe Nail Art

Super Easy Toe Nail Art

Once that’s done, leave it to dry and then move on to the next step.

Step 3

Now it’s time for the balloon string, taking  your white nail varnish and either the skinny brush it comes with, your thin nail tool brush or your toothpick make a small, swirling string right up until the bottom of the nail.



Super Easy Toe Nail Art




Super Easy Toe Nail Art



Step 4


Now it’s time for the ‘tie’ . You don’t necessarily need to add it but I just feel like it makes the balloon ‘pop’ more.

Taking your small dotting nail art pen or your toothpick dip it in to the yellow or your chosen nail polish and directly under the balloon make a small, triangle lying on it’s side on either side of the string. And allow to dry.


Super Easy Toe Nail Art



Super Easy Toe Nail Art


You can also add a small amount of white to the top corner of your balloon to make it more 3D.



Super Easy Toe Nail Art



You now have a super cute balloon! you could go on and make a bunch of balloons but, I just wanted the one! (if you do, do that let me know how it looks!)

I am now just going to wait for my toe to dry and apply some gel effect top coat to seal in the design, allow it to dry and i’m done! It was so easy and so fun to make, I hope you try it out.



What I Used


I got these for Christmas and haven’t put them down since, they make nail art so easy and they are super affordable. I’ve linked the ones I used below so you can check them out.

Nail Art 3D Pens


Super Easy Toe Nail Art

They’re super cheap and you get a ton of colors to make designs with. You can get them for an amazing price in the UK by clicking here.  You can also get them for an amazing price in the US by clicking here.


Nail Art Designing Painting Dotting Detailing Pen Brushes

Super Easy Toe Nail Art

I just needed something that wasn’t ultra professional and expensive that did it’s job so for Christmas I got these. I am in love with them, as there is so many different variations and they just make nail design so much easier for a newbie like me!

You can get them for an amazing price in the UK by clicking here  or for an amazing price in the US by clicking here.



Super Easy Toe Nail Art



I hope you enjoyed my post on Super Easy Toe Nail Art if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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