Testing Out 3 Eyebrow Products On My Terrible Eyebrows

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Hi everyone!

I am going to begin by saying I am embarrassed by my eyebrows. I really am. I’m just utterly hopeless at styling them, i sit with a tweezer, pencil and mirror in my hands and try and copy perfectly easy blog posts or YouTube videos, and i still have no luck when it comes to my eyebrows.

I just don’t know what it is about them that my brain can’t comprehend.

When i was growing up eyebrows weren’t really a ‘thing’ so i was lucky in that aspect because i only ever ruined my prom photo with my teeny tiny brows, not my whole teen life, just the end of it. I also never speak of my overplcuked brow stage of my life, ever.


I told Seventeen about my little eyebrow dilemma and a lovely representative sent me over some brow rescue products (along with some other bits and pieces that you can check out here).

(My two seventeen products were sent to me to try out but my review and opinion on them will be my honest thoughts, as always).

My original idea was to show you what i did to my brows before my holiday but this just seemed like a much better idea…


I have three products to try on my desperate eyebrows, two are from seventeen and one from Eyelure. I’m going to tell you what i thought about them in a review and what they really did for my brows. Also right at the end there is a photo of my brows after using all of the products.

Are you ready?

I’m not.

All i ask is that you don’t judge, i know my eyebrows are hideous, i am still trying!


Eyebrow Products I Tried…



Eyelure Permanent Brow Tint – 

eyelure brow tint

This permanent eyebrow dye is something i was so excited to try. I couldn’t get it out of the box quick enough when it arrived.

It promises dark, glossy brows for up to 6 weeks. I was heading to Thailand for almost three of those so, i was really looking forward to giving it a whirl.

I did think i was particularly brave when i did the dying process the day before i left, imagine it had gone wrong and left my holiday pictures doomed forever?

Did It Work?

Honestly, yes and no (forever the assertive type).

It was easy to use and did make my eyebrows darker but i just couldn’t see a difference in the actual shape of my brows. If you are good at eyebrows this stuff would be amazing but as i have to really work to get a nice shape to my brows, i still found myself filling them in which, is what you don’t really need to do if you apply the dye and have a nice shape.

So it worked, just my eyebrows weren’t the right shape for it.

It was also quite pricey for a single application but i did keep telling myself it would of been double the price in a salon. You can buy the multiple application packets so i think next time i will opt for one of them.

Overall, surprisingly i would use it again. I would always go for dark and leave it on for a little bit longer than they recommend to get a deeper colour. Although i didn’t feel it lasted for up to the 6 weeks that it promised, it does make a difference and is so nice if you are going on holiday or just don’t have time to do your brows.

Just know if your brows have no shape like mine, you may still have to fill them in like I did! However, if you do have a nice shape i feel like this stuff would be a life saver (I’ll let you know if i ever have a strong brow game).


Clear Eyebrow And Eyelash Mascara – 

clear mascara by seventeen

I won’t lie, i am only 98% sure what to do with this product. From my research and makeup knowledge, it gives you a a natural, defined brow or eyelash (natural being the key here).

I’m guessing it’s more for people who can’t wear makeup or for people who are more ‘natural’? But in honesty, i’m not a million per cent sure.I just know it is called ‘clear definition’, make of that what you will.

Me being the biggest fan of giant eyelashes, it wouldn’t appeal to me in that way at all but, i can see it being good for younger people who can’t wear mascara and desperately want to.

However, truth be told i also thought it would suck on eyebrows. I didn’t really see the point, especially when i have no shape.

What Did You Think?

I applied it anyway and i was actually pleasantly surprised to learn that it kept my brows in a desired shape. It didn’t make them look great but it did put them in to the shape that i usually comb them in to and because the wand disperses the product lightly, you don’t get clumps or bits of wax over your brows. It makes them a little ‘hard’ but it’s not noticeable.

So with this one it would be a no to using it on my eyelashes but to keep my eyebrows in place, i will use it all the time.

This clear mascara was such a surprise to me.


Brows That Wow Kit –

brow kit seventeen review

I am a huge fan of powders and pencil kits for brows, i find them easy to work with and i just like having everything in one place.

What Did You Think?

The first time i used this kit i was a little unimpressed. I didn’t like the mini wax brush or how it made my already out of shape eyebrows look but, i persevered.

I took to the kit again, took my time and i actually liked the shape i made.

The thing with this eyebrow kit is that i feel like i have to take my time and really concentrate and if i take my time it does create nice eyebrows at the end of it, if you just have patience (which is something i sometimes lack!).

I’m not overly keen on the highlighter inside, i find it quite yellow toned and i don’t think it would show up on many skin tones however, the overall kit is really nice and it even came away with me on holiday!

The packaging is heavy and nice and the mirror inside came in handy (as did the instructions!).


Now I am going to show you brows before and after using all three of these products together. Obviously the dye has faded since i applied it 3 weeks ago but as it does say up to 6 weeks, i wasn’t going to re-apply because i wanted you to see what it looked like, does that make sense?


Here are my brows before and after!

before and after brows

  1. Permanent Brow Dye (Best Price In The EU or US) 3. Brows That Wow Kit (Best Price In The EU )

On a personal level i don’t think my eyebrows have had such a clear shape in forever.

There’s not the biggest difference in the world but, my eyebrows are usually really unequal and all of these products put together have really made a difference (i like to think so anyway!) Yes, using them all takes patience but if you struggle with your eyebrows like me, i really recommend following a routine a bit like mine as it does allow you to create a shape that’s a lot ‘happier’.

You as a reader may not see much difference, but i do and it does make me feel a lot more confident about my eyebrows.

The clear mascara really shocked me as did my change of heart on the brow kit. I could probably live without the eyebrow dye if i absolutely had to but, overall i thought this post would be a lot more critical and a lot sadder. I’m actually pretty over the moon that i have a brow shape that stays in place!!

Thank you so much again to Seventeen for sending these brow bits over, I can finally be a teensy bit proud of my brows.

Thank you so much for reading,


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