Bronzer In The Winter? – Mini Seventeen Haul

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Hi everyone!

One of the greatest things about me is that i think i can still get away with using bronzers in the winter. I don’t follow the crowd. Bronzing (i feel) works for me. Despite being almost see through all year round, because i am so pale it doesn’t stop me from using it.

I feel like even if bronzing was the most embarrassing, unfashionable thing to do I would still do it. Kind of like the women who still like to rock neon eye shadow, good for them but it just doesn’t look that great…

Therefore when seventeen got in touch, how could i say no to some new goodies?

I have a little haul below. Some of it is bronzing bits and some of it all to do with brows so just ignore the inconsistency.

I am going to do a whole range of different blog posts using my new seventeen things but i just wanted to release a haul and some thoughts on bronzing in the winter (is it really that bad?!). 


seventeen haul of goodies

eyebrow kit from seventeen

1.Brows That Brow Kit 

concealer seventeen liquid

pink bronzing rocks

mascara and brow gel photo

liquid bronzer

wash off bronzer 17

1.Brows That Brow Kit 

I’m not going to talk about anything (not yet anyway). I want to really give these products a run for their money and then do some epic reviews (does anyone say epic anymore?).

I also just quickly want to move back to the subject of bronzing in the winter…

I honestly feel like my skin doesn’t work well with pinks and blush, i’m either too pale or my freckles seem far more pronounced and i hate it, that’s why i use bronzer. It’s only when writing this that i have stopped to think that maybe it looks a little silly if i am so white…

Do you bronze in the winter? let me know via the comments below or via my twitter!

Thank you so much for reading all about my dilemma and my 17 mini haul. Also, i would like to thank seventeen so much for sending me these products, not only do i now face a huge life choice (do i ditch the bronze during the winter months) but i have some wonderful new makeup to play with.



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