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Hi everyone!

Okay...I know…I know i have a problem…

I always have known that i shouldn’t be so drawn to miniature cosmetics when full sized is virtually the same price but , I am.

I can’t help it! there’s something about holding a miniature mouthwash in your hands and feeling so smug walking through security, watching people with the large, ugly bottles get stopped.

However, there’s something not so smug about pulling out your mini body wash when arriving on your two week holiday.

Fortunately I have every right to be smug, I am not taking a checked in bag on my holiday and although there is a million 7/11’s located around our hotel, i can still mouthwash myself on the plane and others can’t, so yes everything i bought was worth it.

Yes, you’re limited to a few hair washes but who cares? mini things are adorable and i finally have so many that i can make a blog post about them all. *Ticked off my bucket list*.

I feel like i’m not alone in the miniature loving community…


My Hair Miniatures!

hair miniatures haul

I bought a lot, actually my mum bought me a lot. She’s just as bad as me at buying small travel things and together, yes we did get way too carried away.

I was planning on filling up my boyfriends clear plastic bag with all of the mini’s but now i have so many i may need to sacrifice a teeny bit of room in mine.

There’s longing inside of me that can’t wait to wash my hair with Aussie and Tresemme travel sized bottles. They smell so good, look so cute and were really cheap. If you’re interested i found them really reasonably priced here:

Tresemme UK or US

Aussie UK or US


hair spray conditioner mini

Next is this leave-in conditioner which is of course an essential. I plan on doing a lot of sea related activities and what kind of person would i be if i didn’t buy this cute leave in spray (made with sea silk extract?!) please!

Body Miniatures!


deodorant minis

Sharing is not caring so i did buy my boyfriend his own antiperspirant.

mini sunscreens

Burning is like second nature to me and so i thought i should better be prepared. I know these are for kids but my face needs it (I spy a lot of spots).

Protecting your skin is so so so important and i honestly will be lathering this sun cream on all day everyday. Again, just like hair things i did find them really well priced online:

Nivea Sun Cream UK or US


mini moisturizer for travel

If you know me or my blog you will know how much i love this moisturizer. I almost died in excitement finding it so perfectly little.


Freshening Up Mini’s!

small mouthwash

I will probably only take one of these with me and save the other for a trip away in December. I think they are just so useful and i have never really seen mini mouthwashes before.


toothpaste for travelling


If this isn’t the sweetest little toothpaste you have ever seen, are you okay?


Mosquito Repellent Mini!

small mosquito repellent

This was really necessary for me and although it’s not as cute as the others it’s still so useful. I also found it a lot cheaper than it is in stores:

Jungle Fever UK or US


my haul of travel cosmetics



Thanks so much for reading!

Have a lovely day,

Lauren. x


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