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The Best Priced Beauty Advent Calenders

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Hi everyone!

I know, i am sorry, i am well aware that at the time of writing this we have just entered October. I do apologize but, there are a lot of people out there (MY MUM?!) who are ready for Christmas.

I haven’t even thought about what i am having for dinner and some people are wrapped and ready to go for the big day.

Browsing online at the weekend i saw somebody had already bought their beauty advent calendar and i scoffed in disgust but they actually had the right idea...

Buying them now whilst they are cheap and available is genius and so it got me thinking about Christmas and started a whirlwind of scouting out the cheapest beauty advent calendars in the UK and the US.

(We are going to start with the UK and below that are all of the lovely US calendars)



beauty and cosmetics advents

Best Value Beauty Advent Calendars In The UK  (Keep Scrolling For US!)


# Bath Cosmetics

Bath Cosmetics Advent

Click Here For The Best Price In The UK

I have never seen this calendar before in my life (until now) and i can’t believe it has taken this long. Behind each cute little door is a bath inspired treat, either a soap or a bath bomb. I think it’s a really lovely idea and really fairly priced for how wonderful the products are.

Each soap and bath bomb is vegan and cruelty free so it can be bought for literally anyone.

# W7 Makeup Advent Calendar

w7 Makeup Advent

Click Here For The Best Price In The UK

I know that w7 isn’t the best makeup in the world but when i was younger i would of died for this kind of calendar, saying that even now i would love it. You can see just by the picture how packed it is full of goodies and even now at almost 21 i am so tempted to buy it just to see get a little piece of makeup everyday for 24 days!

The calendar comes with so many bits of makeup and cosmetic  pieces, it’s adorable.

# Bath & Body 

body and bath stuff advent


Click Here For The Best Price In The UK

24 mini bath and body treats, every single day. I think this is such a beautiful gift and really reasonably priced. There’s so many different pieces inside, so everyday is going to be different.

I also love that you will probably use the thing you get, the day you get it. We are all guilty of not using stuff because it’s ‘too nice’ or because we ‘don’t want to waste it’ and i just feel like these mini bath and body things would  get some really good use.

# Yankee Candle

Best value candle advent

Click Here For The Best Price In The UK


I know! I know it’s not ‘beauty’ but i couldn’t make this blog post without including a candle advent. I was so lucky to try this calendar last year and i honestly loved it, it was a pleasure to try out different Yankee candles i had never even heard of before and i would look forward to lighting them each day.

The Yankee house is quite big and really festive and colorful, i tried to keep my house for as long as i could after Christmas but it just wasn’t possible!

It’s also a really good price for 24 legitimate yankee candles.


#Beauty Inspired

beauty advent photo

Click Here For The Best Price In The UK

I have never personally seen this calendar before but from what people are saying about it, it doesn’t seem like the makeup is bad quality and in fact is actually pretty great.

I feel like it would be great for any person of any age to receive as it is crammed with miniature makeup and beauty goodies for anyone to enjoy.

Also, just like all of the other calendars i have mentioned, you really can’t go wrong for the price. Each item would add up to so much more in stores and if the person you are buying it for doesn’t like chocolate or even just wants something a little different, i feel like this calendar and any of the others are such an amazing treat.


Now, Time For The Cheapest But Best Value Beauty Advents In The US!


# The Body Shop

the body shop advent calendar photo

Click Here For The Best Price In The US

This advent isn’t the cheapest on the list but, it’s an amazing value calendar. It’s filled with 24 different body shop treats and most of them are travel size.

If you are familiar with the body shop you will know they can be quite pricey and so for the price, you are getting a great deal. If you click the link above you can check out what actually comes in the calendar, so if you do want to splash out, this body shop calendar is really great value.

# Yankee Candle

yankee tealight advent picture

Click Here For The Best Price In The US

I talked about a calendar similar to this one above however this one is just a different shape and comes with different scented candles.

I adore yankee candles and to have a different each day for 24 consecutive days is a dream come true. I also personally feel like it’s at such a brilliant price and comes with some delicious scents: Christmas cookie, sparkling cinnamon, sugared apple and Christmas eve (to name a few!!!).


I will add more as soon as i find some more deals so for now i really hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading,



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