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My Brilliant September Favorites 2016

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Hi everyone!

Everyone seems to say they can’t believe how quick the months gone and i am fully in agreement but, in a way i can believe how quick the months gone. 4 weeks isn’t a long time and we are transitioning from summer in to Autumn , so no wonder it feels like it’s whizzed by, it actually has…

I love doing my monthly favorites and today i am sharing my September 2016 favorites.

Unfortunately, i don’t have tons. I love when these kinds of posts are jam packed with things but i haven’t really bought anything this month (aside from my 21st trip)

Anyway, let’s get on to it!


September favourites banner


TV Shows

I don’t usually do this but i have been loving a series so much lately that i had to include it. I’m probably so late to the band wagon but, the show i am alking about is…


It’s so good. If you like crime, documentaries, violence and actual good true story you need to watch it. I am so hooked on it and find myself thinking i’m as tough as Pablo after finishing each episode.


I have three things to put in to this category.

First up it’s these:

seventeen matte lipsticks

It’s the Seventeen mega matte lipsticks. They were sent to me but they are also a huge favourite, I have found myself reaching for them every single day (Especially looking buff).

You can read my review on this trio, I go in to a lot of detail and you can learn a little bit more about them!

Next we have:

Lush tooth fairy picture


I have had this tooth fairy powder for ages but i never seemed to really use it, until September. We were on a shortage of toothpaste when  i remembered having this little pot around somewhere. Since then we have of course bought toothpaste but i keep it in the bathroom because it looks so pretty and it actually comes in handy.

Finally :

photo of smoothie star

I am sure i bring up this favorite at least every other month but i have just been using it virtually every single day in September. I cannot get enough of the smell and although i own a million other body lotions, my arm seems to simultaneously reach for this one…

I also found it really cheap here in the EU or Here In The US



Lesley pearse trust me book photo

This book had me absolutely gripped this month, it was absolutely fantastic and i 100% recommend it. It is so heart wrenching but the story is wonderful and probably one of my favorite books ever.



photo of me and ipod classic

I know that everyone on this earth had one of these when i was younger but i never did. I had other ipods that i cherished and enjoyed but since I’ve got older i’ve always longed for the ‘classic’. I couldn’t tell you why, i was so happy with the ipods i got, it was just something rooted within me that has wanted the classic for years.

My dad actually found this for me in a charity shop and despite it not working for two days, i did eventually get it to work (undiscovered gadget genius) and i am just so happy to have it.



Thank you so much for reading all about my favorites,

Have a lovely day,


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