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My Travel Accessory Wishlist

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Hi everyone!

I am not the ‘wishlist‘ kind of person at all. I regularly put stuff in my imaginary online basket only to come back weeks later and wonder why i ever wanted a disco-ball.

However, because of where i live the post is SO slow. I have a PO box nearly two hours away from me which doesn’t open until 12pm and i then have to ask my parents to pick it up and hold it until i can get it from them, it’s a lot of work. This means a lot of stuff i am longing to buy just doesn’t get ordered, either because it doesn’t ship or because i can’t be bothered to wait for it to get here.


I’m going away next month and i need some goodies. Travel accessory goodies to be exact. Things like a rucksack, a water bottle, plane socks (!) and even perhaps a portable DVD player for the plane because the airline i am flying with charge 90 euros more for use of their stupid TV (yes i know i was shocked too).

Therefore for the first time in my actual life i have made a ‘wishlist’ of things i want and need to possibly get ordered by the end of next week. Hopefully by posting them on my blog it will remind me everyday to get a wiggle on or i will won’t have anything here on time!




Travel Accessories Wishlist


1.  This backpack is something i am 100% going to buy in the next few days. I wanted a little mini backpack to take out during the day on tours and even to shove all of my bits in on the plane. It looks really sturdy and the perfect size to not be overloaded!

small daytime backpack

Amazing Price In The UK or US

2. I have been umming and arring about getting this but i think i am just going to go ahead and get it. We will have my boyfriends big camera but if we go snorkelling or out on boat rides i want to be able to take my phone and not worry about it getting wet!

waterproof case for iphone for travel

Amazing Price In The UK or US

3. Headphone splitters so we can both listen to the same podcasts, music and most importantly movies.

travelling accessories

Amazing Price In The UK or US

4. I used to roll over in fits of laughter when i was a kid when i saw people wearing these and then to my delight the fashion came back round again! I still scroll through my Instagram silently chuckling to myself and people who wear these but in all honesty, i never realized how handy they would actually be. I am sorry.

Fanny pack

Amazing Price In The UK or US

5. I read somewhere that these vitamin C sachets were amazing at helping fight against getting ill from plane air and preventing jet lag. I’m not sure how true the jet leg is but if they stop me from getting horrid illnesses they are going in my basket and coming home with me.

jet lag vitamin C

Amazing Price In The UK or US

6. This eye mask has literally over 5 thousand reviews in the US. I just wanted it for our plane flight to try and sleep and avoid some sort of jetlag. We will travelling for over 15 hours both there and back and i’m pretty sure by the look of these bad boys i’ll be able to sleep!

eye mask and earplugs for travelling

Amazing Price in the UK or US

7. You may think this one is completely ridiculous but it makes sense to me! We are travelling for around 16 hours on the first day and although of course we are able to buy food before we board the plane, we both have really weird diets and it just makes sense to carry some little bars packed with protein and sugar for the ‘just in case’.

travel accessories nakd bars picture

Amazing Price In The UK or US

I really hope you enjoyed reading all about my travel accessories, if you did please let me know in the comments below! Have a great day,


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