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30 Random Facts About Me!

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Hi everyone!


Before I begin I need to emphasize that I wasn’t actually tagged in this 30 facts about me, I just saw some other blogs do it and got a little inspired.

It also hit me that I always intended there to be more of a face on my blog so, I thought I would do a quick little 30 facts tag so, if you are even mildly interested you can check them out and learn some more! You can also follow me on Instagram by clicking here, if you wanted to keep more up to date!


1. I am currently in Spain

2. I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 years

3. My first ever concert was going to see…Peter Andre *cringe*

4. I love reading

5. I have a habit of smelling EVERYTHING

6. I suffer from anxiety

7. I love animals way too much

8. I am a morning person

9. I have the worst conscience ever

10. I am absolutely tone deaf but that doesn’t stop me

11. I went sky diving for my 18th

12. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities I have ever been too

13. I have driven around Europe with my boyfriend, being the sole driver

14. I am really strict vegetarian

15. Playing video games is one of my favorite pass times

16. I lived with my Grandpa for a year and he’s literally more of a friend to me

17. I check every single one of my car doors is locked before leaving it…

18. Pizza would be my last meal should I ever find myself on death row (hopefully not!!)

19. I am extremely organized

20. I have three favorite animals: elephants, lions and dogs.

21. I could shop forever

22. My dream car is a red Jaguar e-type

23. My favorite gig ever was seeing Jamie T

24. My mum is my best friend

25. I cannot handle my feet being touched (especially in water!!)

26. I love baking

27. I think of myself as quite a private person

28. Learning to try and embrace my freckles has been quite eye opening

29. I love conspiracy theories

30. I had braces for the majority of my teenage life


30 random facts about me facts

I hope you enjoyed these random facts! if you did please let me know in the comments below.


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