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Easy Ways To Look After Your Skin

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Hi everyone!


It’s only recently that I have jumped on to the skincare band wagon. I know that’s terrible but, I just didn’t ever think I would need to bother…

Well, reality hit me a few months ago and as I was thrown in to my twenties my skin quality went from a good 9/10 to a very poor 3. I don’t know what changed inside of me but, I was breaking out everyday, I had oily skin for the first time in ever. Part of me thinks it serves me right for never having bad skin in my teens but, surely that can’t be right?

Anyway! I knew i needed to step up my skincare and start really looking after my skin. A simple makeup wipe just wasn’t going to cut it any more and I knew I needed to start preventing further issues from surfacing and decided for the first time to really look after my skin.


Easy Ways To Look After Your Skin



Don’t get me wrong. I have worn sun-cream my whole life. My mum never let me or my brother leave the house without huge white blobs making their way slowly in to our eyes.

This carried on with me well in to my teens, I always, always protected my face from the sun. I am prone to burning and I couldn’t even imagine leaving the house without applying even the smallest amount of protection to my face.

Therefore my first tip is to always wear some sort of protection. Even if it’s just a hat, make sure your face is covered. I have lived in the sun for most of my life so, it’s second nature to me but, it’s such a good habit to have. The sun harms us so badly and even just doing this will save your skin so much in the long run.

A small bit of sun-cream will save it from harsh UV rays that really damage our skin which make it age quicker, drying it out and even increasing the chances of skin cancer.



When I started breaking out a few months ago I also found out you should be moisturizing your face, not just your body. I know you may be thinking, how could she not of been moisturizing her face? well…it’s the truth. I knew it had to be done but, I didn’t realize how important it actually was.

I did moisturize my face but, only when I could be bothered…

Using moisturizer on your face  not only helps makeup look a lot better but, it hydrates the skin thus, preventing fine lines, dry skin and sagging in years to come.

I use this moisturizer. It’s so inexpensive and just makes my skin feel amazing. You can check it out by clicking here UK or US.

Get Rid Of It All

Like I said before, the way I used to look after my skin was literally using a makeup wipe. We all know that doesn’t actually get rid of all of the makeup so to really help prevent breakouts and clogged pores try and get yourself in to a skincare routine.

I wrote about mine a few days ago which you can check out here.

When taking off your makeup or just getting ready for bed, make sure to really scrub your face clean and make sure there are no traces of dirt or makeup.



I only exfoliate once a week. I wouldn’t really consider it part of my ‘routine’ because, it will be only be on odd days. The reason I only exfoliate once per week is because it can actually have a small negative effect on your skin.

However, if you stick to exfoliating once a week you will notice your skin looking more refreshed and glowing and also, by getting rid of all of the dead skin cells, you will be looking after your skin massively in the long run.



As you may or may not know, I wear the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. This foundation has an SPF 15 which is something I love.

No matter your skin type I urge you to use makeup that does contain an SPF, this way you know if you have forgotten sun-cream, you are just a little bit more protected.

I don’t feel like it changes the foundation whatsoever so there really is no excuse to not look after your skin that little bit extra.


Don’t Tug

One thing I have learnt from constantly wearing makeup and talking about makeup is to never, ever pull at your skin, especially the area around your eyes. Take extra care when removing eye makeup and try to be gentle. It’s such a sensitive part of your face and constantly pulling and tugging will result in premature fine lines.

This also goes for those people who rub their eyes viciously, be so careful and try get yourself out of the habit as it does not contribute to having healthy skin.



Everyone says this but, it’s so true. Water helps your skin a million per cent. Upping your quantity by even a few more glasses will show you a noticeable difference in your skin.

It helps your skin to glow and reduce the appearance of spots. It’s probably the cheapest, most inexpensive thing you can do to really help your skin out and keep it looking healthy and happy.



I hope you enjoyed this post on how to look after your skin, if you did please let me know in the comments below!


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