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May Life Update ( Being Filmed, Shopping, Producers And More!)

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I am sure that by clicking this you are well aware it is not even halfway through May yet! Perhaps I am just eager to tell you all about what has been happening this month but, that is not the case…

The truth is I am not great at thinking of titles for my posts and I couldn’t decide between May and April. April seemed so far away and May well, was now and that’s how it all kind of happened!

A lot has been happening for these past two months and I just wanted to share it with you all and give you a little insight and nose around my little life.


May Life Update ( Being Filmed, Shopping, Producers And More!)

The Whirlwind Of April! 

Firstly, I moved. I already did a blog post about that which you can read here, if you’re interested. So anyway! a week or so after moving in my boyfriend announces that a producer and a cameraman are making their way over to Spain to film him. I can’t say what for or give away too many details but it was pretty amazing.

We were so nervous to meet them and really had no idea how intense the week was going to be with them here. Luckily, we both adored them and they were amazing at their jobs. We all got on so well and when we eventually had to say goodbye, it did feel a tad emotional.

I am also so gutted because I don’t have any pictures to insert!! I should get them soon but, until now i will just have to try and create the scenario through words.

The week itself was an experience I shall never forget. I even got myself filmed!!! I didn’t even know I was going to be featured in it but, it ended up happening. This was so strange for me because, if you don’t already know i have some confidence issues with my voice and being on film and to know i was being filmed to possibly be on television was so scary…

Luckily, I didn’t really have a choice or I would of backed out quicker than you could say ‘no‘.

It was so crazy because it broke so many barriers down inside of me that I would never of dreamt of. Even if i come across horribly, I am beyond proud of myself for even doing it, so that was a win.

I could go on and on about the week with these two incredible people here but, it would probably go on way too long. It was just filled with so many memories i will treasure and luckily we filmed the majority of it so we will always have it to look back on.

may life update

This is literally the only photo i have and the quality is absolutely terrible. I will change it as soon as I get some more through!!

One particular moment I look back on and frequently snigger at is they forgot a vital piece of equipment for their camera. It was truly horrific having to go hunting for this piece of equipment and i think it all dawned on us that it may mean we couldn’t film

Luckily, a day later we did find the piece in a random little hardware store and honestly it was the biggest relief in the world.


What else did I learn in April?

I will never drive in to a city in rush hour on a Friday night. I have done it three times now and each time a little piece of me has died. I am by no means a nervous driver in fact I love driving, but for some reason I keep picking the worse time ever to drive in to any city and from this point on i refuse to do it anymore.

April seemed to whizz by and it didn’t feel like I had time to breathe. I also did so much shopping which is something I am a tiny bit proud about. You can see some of the bits I bought in my Giant Beauty Haul!




Now on to May!

I know, right now writing this it’s the 12th of May. That is no way enough time be talking about May and how great or rubbish it was but, in almost two weeks i seem to have done quite a lot.

Firstly, I refused to drive in to the city on Friday night (small victory to me) and had some of the nicest bits of food in a small restaurant ‘downtown’. I am a little upset I keep forgetting my camera to get some pictures but, from this point on that’s my plan.

It was also my mums birthday and my parents anniversary and because of all the shopping I had been doing in April I managed some pretty nice presents if I do say so myself and just giving them to her made me so happy. She was over the moon with some of the gifts and seeing her just makes it all worth it.

I wish i could say ‘i love giving more than i love getting’ but, i just know that’s not really true. Yes, i love giving, i really honestly do but, nothing beats getting a little present here and there and I’m sorry for admitting that.

I also had to ‘babysit’ my dog and cat when my parents were away. It was so nice but, my dog (Billy) has a small obsession with bringing home rabbits and unfortunately he brought me one. Safe to say we weren’t on speaking terms for the rest of the night.

dog of beauty blogger



My work! I am still loving blogging and running this blog but, I have opened a brand new one. I will eventually link in it for people to check out but, it’s still slightly under construction but, i am so pleased about it and cannot wait to get it out there.

My diet. You may or may not know I am a strict vegetarian, meaning I also don’t eat any dairy or fish. I will occasionally eat the odd thing that ‘may contain milk’ such as Oreo’s but, it really got me thinking how easy it would for me to turn Vegan so, perhaps this month is the month it happens!

One more thing! My boyfriend is also going to China this summer?! China! I am beyond jealous and i cannot tell you how much I have tried to convince him to put me in his suitcase but, for some reason he thinks security might stop him??? ridiculous!


I hope you enjoyed this little may life update. I am aware it turned a little rambly but, hopefully you have enjoyed it! if you did please let me know in the comments below.



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