60 Second Beach Day Makeup

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Hi everyone!!

I am back with ANOTHER 60 second makeup video. They aren’t my most popular post in the world but i just love doing them and creating looks i would never of even attempted before!

Just to let everyone know i don’t usually wear makeup to the beach. Where I live it would be pretty pointless as it would just melt off of your face but with looks like the one i created below, i was going to the beach but to more of a beach bar/lunch kind of thing.

Below the video I have done a detailed step by step guide on how i created the beach day look and the products i used so, don’t forget to check that out if you’re interested.

Thank you for reading and watching!


Watch Me!

Base Of My Face 

To start my beach day makeup look i am applying some sunscreen. I always, always do this! but i especially do it if i am going to be spending the day outside and at the beach, i am also using a factor 50. It doesn’t make my skin greasy or make my makeup any less efficient so i really recommend applying some sort of sunscreen to your face.

I use this sunscreen if you are interested in checking it out in the EU or US. 

I then went on to apply my usual rimmel wake my up foundation in the shade ivory with my real techniques foundation brush (review on that here!) I make sure to just blend it all properly around my neck and forehead.


I filled in my eyebrows using my kiko eyebrow pencil, in light strokes i am just filling in the sparse areas and making them look somewhat presentable!

I then went on to line my waterline with a white liner, mine is from Sephora but you can literally get white liners anywhere. I use them on beach days because they do make your eyes look bigger, fresher and they are nowhere near as heavy as when using black or brown liner.

I then took an angled brush and applied a thin line of gold eyeshadow under the white line I had just created. I was just going for a ‘bronzed’ / golden look and this colour really works well with my eye colour.

Then taking an eyelash curler and my push up drama mascara ( review here! ) , i just applied a few coats to my top and bottom lashes.



I don’t usually wear concealer to the beach as it does just become patchy if you’re wearing it all day in the boiling hot sunshine. I am using it in this video just because this wasn’t an ordinary beach day!
I’m using the hide the blemish concealer, which i love and always use and i am just applying it to the areas i want to brighten and conceal.

To blend in the concealer i am using my real techniques concealer brush (Review here!!).

My powder is the matte maker, again i always use this. I am applying it all over my face to help seal in my makeup and stop any shine that may occur! I am just using a giant brush from Ted baker to lightly pat it all in.

You can check out my setting powder if you are in the EU or US.

Then taking an angled contour brush i am using a powdered bronzer i got from kiko and applying that to my cheekbones, forehead, nose and any other areas i want to stand out. Usually, i wouldn’t do this but as i said, it wasn’t just a normal beach day!

I then took a tiny amount of highlighter and applied it to the areas i had applied my concealer just to really make my makeup stand out and for it to really compliment my skin in the sunshine.


On my lips I first applied some Lush bubblegum lip scrub right a the beginning of the video, this is to just exfoliate my lips before applying my peel off lip tint and to make sure they don’t crack and feel dry at the beach.

I used my peel off lip tint in the shade ‘watermelon’. I have a whole giant review you can read here, i go in to detail on these lip tints and even try every single colour.

They are really good fun to use and seriously handy at the beach when you can’t and don’t want to keep re-applying lip stick.



Thank you so much for reading and watching the video in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions please just let me know in the comments below or via my social media which you can also find below!


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