How To Stop Dry And Frizzy Hair In The Summer

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Hi everyone!

Unfortunately if you have clicked on this article you must suffer from dry and frizzy hair, especially in the summer. It can be the biggest nightmare ever, especially when you really need your hair to look tamed and under control and it’s the complete opposite (I’m talking lioness prowling around the post office kind of out of control).

Some people get frizzy when their hair meets humidity, some people have naturally frizzy summer hair and some people just suffer from dry hair during the summer months.

Luckily for you, not for me i suffer from dry and frizzy hair (you can probably see how dry my hair is in this post!) and this summer i have perfected ways on how to stop the frizz and keep it looking less lioness and more ‘controlled’. Below, are the tips i use and what works for me so i hope you find at least one little thing that helps you! Thank you for reading!


How To Stop Dry And Frizzy Hair



Stop Dry Hair In The Heat

I honestly have taken years to work out how to tame my dry hair and i am still yet to perfect it yet but during July and August of this year I have learnt a few new things that have really helped me and my dry hair.


  • I deep condition the driest areas of my hair at least once a week. For this i use warm olive oil on the ends of my hair and massage it in and leave it on for an hour or so. It really replenishes the ends of your hair and gives moisture and life back to the dry bits. You don’t need a lot of olive oil, just enough to cover the ends and then rinse with shampoo and conditioner as you normally would.


  • I also make sure to buy some good quality conditioner and leave it on for up to 10 minutes when i’m in the shower, once per week.  At the minute i am using this conditioner, it smells amazing and leaves my hair so nourished. It just helps give back some life in to your hair. You can check it out her if you are in the EU or US. 


  Also, please remember that just because something is expensive it doesn’t mean it’s better quality, by better           quality i mean conditioners that people swear by that are affordable!

  • Something i never used to do was apply leave in conditioners other than when i went to the beach and i have only recently realized that they can cure dry hair almost instantly. After the shower i apply a generous spritz of leave-in conditioner to the ends of my hair and comb in through the rest of my hair. It leaves it smelling amazing and it has really helped combat the dryness.


  This leave-in conditioner is almost identical to the one i use and is especially made to combat frizz and dry and     damaged hair! You can check it out in the EU or US.



How To Stop Frizzy Hair (My Tips)

  • The worst habit i have is immediately putting my hair in a bun after i have  had a shower, it’s just so hot here that i can’t bear it to be all over my shoulders and back. Try to avoid doing this as it will make your hair way more frizzy the next day if it has dried in a bun.


  • Just like my tips above on combating dry hair, use a good quality conditioner and let it sit on your hair for some time before washing it off. It wouldn’t even hurt if you got out of the shower and did whatever around the house whilst it worked its magic, although i never do this because it is such a pain to then get back in the shower…


  • I rarely blow dry my hair, especially in the summer but if you do need to blow dry it try and let it air dry for as long as you can beforehand before submitting to the hair dryer. Hair dryers will dry out your hair and thus make it more frizzy, so try and avoid heat!


  • Avoid hair products that contain alcohol as it is a known ‘frizzing/drying’ ingredient. Read the label of everything, even special serums that claim to help combat frizz as they can sometimes be the worst for alcohol ingredients!


  • If you read above on how to combat dry hair you will have read that i apply a leave-in conditioner after i have combed my hair out of the shower, for frizzy or dry hair you can also apply a finishing treatment that isn’t a conditioner but something more natural. Applying a small amount of coconut oil or Argan oil to the ends of your hair will help keep it soft and under control.


Protecting Your Hair In The Pool/Sun

The sun is so bad for our hair, for once it doesn’t actually matter what type of hair type you have, the sun doesn’t like it. Neither does the sea, or chlorine.

I have spent a lot of my life in the sun and so i do actually know a thing or two about protecting your hair during the summer and this is what i do…

  • In the pool i apply this Aussie leave in conditioner. It is especially made for the summer and dry hair and just protects your hair against all of the elements. It is made to protect your hair from all kinds of damage and is perfect to spritz on when you’re at the beach and just made your way from sea to land (massive helper at untangling too!). You can check it out by clicking here in the EU or US.


  • I also try and avoid getting my hair wet in the pool. Not because i care how it looks but there is just so many chemicals added that it can’t be doing any favors to my already dry and frizzy hair!


  • In the sea i like to wear a hat and some more aussie  leave in spray. I know it’s annoying but your hair and skin will thank you one day. I don’t feel like the sea is as bad as the pool on your hair but i know for me that as soon as it’s wet and i get out, i’ll be a frizzy mess if  i haven’t protected it, i also again try and not to put my hair under the sea…unless i slip or am pushed.


  • Finally, if i am out and about in the sunshine and want to protect my hair I make sure i have conditioned it thoroughly beforehand and spritzed it with some sort of heat spray.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you did please let me know in the comments below or let me know any of your tips for keeping your hair protected in the sun!

Thank you for reading,


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