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18 Reasons Why Being An Adult Doesn’t Please Me

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Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about being an adult. If you are one, if you’re going to be one or even if you have one near you, you will know that sometimes (all the time) it’s hard and there’s so many things that you’re immediately meant to know and understand as soon as you hit 20 that sends some (me) adults in to crippling nostalgia.

I wanted to outline some of the struggles that I find myself in and maybe you, fellow blog reader, will understand my problems and pity me or perhaps even pity and relate to yourself.


1.Paying bills is hell. The freedom of leg shaving, shampooing, conditioning, rinsing, repeating, body washing and general showering is no longer done in a carefree 15 minute shower like when you’re at home. No, now you must be in and out of the shower in 5 minutes because water and gas is bloody expensive.


2. I don’t know how my mum was able to plan meals around me and my brother, how she conjured up mouth watering dishes for all of us after having being at work all day. Me and my boyfriend stare aimlessly in to the fridge hoping something other than kale will pop out.


3. This pains me to write but I even find myself doing that annoying thing mums do when they feel the material on an item of clothing. I have no idea what we are feeling for but we must do it before even considering an item.


4. One of the saddest things for me about being an adult is looking at young teens and feeling sorry for them because they either look like I did or they are so awkward that I just want to wrap them up in a cotton ball.


5. Washing. Luckily for me, our washing machine is broken so our mums do our washing now and again, which we are sooo grateful for. However, there’s just us two, no pets, no kids, we work office jobs and yet somehow we have SO much washing. I suspect it’s my boyfriend  throwing anything in there because the poor basket is always bursting at the seams and desperately trying to escape.


6. Getting your driving licence is fab, you now have freedom but once you’re an adult there’s so much to pay for. Insurance, MOT, petrol and other bits always crop up. It hurts my heart to part with money when petrol is concerned and god forbid someone makes me use more than I would like too. I am always hoping some kind stranger will do that movie scene where they say ‘oh and pay for the gal behind me‘ whilst i awkwardly pretend i am unaware and signal to my boyfriend to keep topping up the tank.


7. Having to actually pay for stuff is hard. I grew up with parents who would of done anything for me and my brother and that included paying for every ice cream, packet of crisps and school trip. When I moved out and realised that actually it does add up and my parents were just extremely kind, it really made reality hit home.


8. Another sad thing about being an adult is that going out clubbing really isn’t that good. When I was 16 i used to go out every weekend and thought i was so cool and now i look back and cringe because it really isn’t that great. It’s fun but then it gets late, it gets cold, everyone is a mess and i like sleep now.


9. You realise how young you actually were. I did this  a few weeks ago when I read about someone being 17 and doing something really stupid and I flicked back to me being 17 and i thought i was a fully functioning member of society. I was an idiot. A young, hopeless idiot.


10. Poundland sweets, cheap crisps and fizzy drinks didn’t have to taste good for me to pile them in to my spotty mouth and don’t get me wrong, now if i am craving it, I will eat it. However, wandering in to the M&S food aisle brings me joy and when I pick up them 3 pound per packet sweets I feel like a triumphant, sophisticated adult as I check out, even if i am hungry again 10 minutes later.


11. I will admit, I am still a massive kid. Meeting me I don’t think you would guess I was 21 and it still shocks me hearing someone I know is having a baby or getting engaged because in my head we are still children. But it’s all a lie, they are adults and i don’t think i will ever get over that.


12. Something I hate about being an adult is doing adulting things, things like phoning companies, sorting adult documents out and having to meet people to arrange things. I hate it. There’s still a voice at the back of my head that longs for my mum to offer to help.


13. People treat you like an adult and people treat you like a child. It’s a weird combo.


14. Going clothes shopping is v strange. I used to relish in the fact that I could happily whip around the teen section, paying a fraction of the price than what proper adult women have to pay. However, the older I get the more I realize that actually, the quality, the style and the colours are a lot better in that dreaded womens aisle.


15. Something that was personally weird for me was suddenly liking the taste of coffee. I used to gag when it hit and burnt the back of my mouth but now i dream of coffee in the early hours of each morning.


16. When i was younger I used to go to the supermarket and throw extra bits in to the trolley. I did usually ask first but what difference could a pack of chewing gum, some sweets and my favorite body lotion make? well, actually a lot.


17. I think this is for new, early twenties kind of adults but you find yourself reading about these adults that moan about having a bad back and falling apart before their thirties and this terrifies me.


18. You realise that every adult is kind of winging it. Not even your parents have entirely got it together, they are just incredibly good and pretending they have until you get to a sensible age when they can unleash about all of the times they almost killed you (by accident) without you running away crying.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this,



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