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13 Chic Home Accessories For Under 20 Pounds

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Hi everyone!

I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend and when we first moved in the decor was awful. I was embarrased to have people round because of how awful it looked but, a quick trip (3 hours) to IKEA and I changed the whole feel of the place. It felt like a home almost instantly and it was actually nice to have something to ‘look after’.

I was so lucky that my mum actually bought me a lot of the bits and pieces we found in IKEA. (You can see the original haul herethe cushions, carpets and curtains I bought are missing though!) The original point i was making is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find some really cute things for your home and even transform a room completely.

Every now and again I see something in a cheap store and know it will just bring the house together and it won’t cost me an arm and a leg. For instance our bathroom is teeny tiny, it’s just drab and when we first moved in the shower curtain was a murky white which brought the vibe in their down even more, so I found a bright reddy pink and white patterened shower curtain and it just made the room brighten up almost instantly and it cost me 7 euros.

Desperate to do some online shopping i thought I would share with you some home accesories that I found for under 20 pounds that are not just chic, cute and lovely but also extremely affordable.

Of course everything I picked was with my own home in mind and my own taste in mind and you may look at this list and gag. 


Cute home decor

home accessories

Cheap homeware

cute and cheap home decor

1Adventure Fund Box 

2. Boho Pom Pom Cushion

3. Stay Weird Pillow 

4. Mounted Towel Rail

5. Chalk Board/Towel Rack

6. Indoor Herb Garden

7. Washing Up Tidy 

8. Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle

9. Candle Lantern 

10. Cute Washing Basket

11. Heart Clock 

12. Salt And Pepper Shakers

13. Bath tray

It really is amazing what a pop of color or a quirky decoration can do to a room, especially when you are renting and you can’t really decorate. I have to be careful to not overbuy things as our house is so small, so sometimes it can be hard to resist ultra trendy bits. Although, the odd cushion and a few candles here and there never hurt anybody.

Before you go, which is your favorite home decor piece? 


Thank you so so so much for reading!

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