60 Second Blue And Purple Eye Makeup

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Hi everyone!

I have been loving doing these ’60 second’ makeup videos, i cannot explain how much fun they are and although quite a lot of work goes in to the editing process, i don’t see myself not making them any time soon!

I have made a few others that you can check out here! But today it’s all about a blue and purple eye makeup look that was a complete and utter accident. I went in to kiko and picked up some bright, colorful bits and pieces of makeup and stumbled across some of the things i used in this video.

If you want to see how i did it and the products I used just keep reading after watching the video!

Thank you for watching!


60 second makeup




Base Of My Face…

Before I started the video i applied some sunscreen and then some moisturizer. I always, always do this! It’s so important to be wearing sunscreen, especially if you’re fair like me.

The sunscreen i use is really cheap and it really doesn’t affect how my foundation looks or feels. If you are interested it’s this one and you can check it out here if you are in the EU or US.

Once that is sunk in i use my rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade Ivory. I didn’t use any brushes for today’s video, the reason is because i wanted the focus to be more on my eyes than my skin but even so i feel like it blends it just as well.


Eyes & Eyebrows…

For my eyebrows i used an eyebrow pencil from KIKO. I have been using a palette for years but felt like trying something a little different today and i really liked it. As you can probably see, my eyebrows are in desperate need of help so i feel like that’s as much as i can say about them!

For my eyes and i went and took an eyeshadow brush and two different colours. These two new shades are from KIKO and i just love them. One is a turqouise blue colour and the other a bright, popping purple. It may not come across as bright on camera because i do have giant lights on me (which is why my eyes look a strange colour!).

I applied the blue first and blended in the purple. I then took my blue eyeliner and applied on the waterline of my eyes before applying my Lancôme black eyeliner to the outer and inner corners of my eyes. You could do this look without the black but i felt like it added more ‘pop’.

I then took my blue eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush and lightly applied it under my eyes, really framing my eyes and the colour.

Just taking my push up drama mascara, i applied that carefully to my top and bottom lashes. You can read my review on this mascara here!

Concealer & Powders

My concealer is the one i always, always talk about! It’s hide the blemish from rimmel, you can check it out if you’re interested by clicking here if you are in the EU or US.

It really works for me and stays all day long, i can’t see myself branching too far away from it any time soon!.

I apply the concealer under my eyes, on my chin and across any spots that were on my forehead! I didn’t want to go for a full on contour as i just felt it would distract away from my eyes and be ‘too much’.

The powder i applied was the matte maker. Again, i never stop talking about this powder. It just locks in your makeup and really helps keep ym face looking ‘matte’. You can check it out here if you’re in the EU or US.

(I applied this with a giant blusher brush from Ted Baker).

Taking a small amount of bronzer i went and applied it really lightly to my cheekbones and then taking my liquid highlighter, i just applied that lightly to my the tip of my cheekbone and blended it in using my fingers.



I actually had to turn off the camera to think about my lips. I wasn’t sure what shade would go and what shade would throw it all off.

I do have a purple lip gloss i was going to use from KIKO but in the end i went all DIY and used some vaseline and my purple eye shadow and mized them up and applied it to my lips. I wasn’t over the moon with how it looked but it was a nice little finishing touch!


I hope you enjoyed reading about/watching this 60 second makeup video, if you did please let me know or let me know anything you want to know in the comments below!


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