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Hi everyone!

Hopefully you know by now that I am slightly obsessed with making these 60 second makeup videos. They are just so much fun and allow me to really get creative in other ways on my blog.

(This was my last one!)

Today I got a little inspired by hoop earrings, yes hoop earrings. This then inspired me to make a really easy to follow (by following the steps below), soft summer glam makeup look.



Quick Summer Glam Makeup


Watch Me First! 



If you’re interested in finding out how i achieved my soft summer glam look, you just need to follow the steps below. I will also mention some of the products I used if i feel like they are worth talking about!


Base Of My Face…

As always I moisturize first and add sunscreen first. I always do this, i think it’s so important to apply sunscreen and i add the moisturizer to allow my foundation to be applied easier.

My sunscreen is a factor 50. I don’t feel like it ever changes my makeup and doesn’t make me look greasy or unnecessarily shiny! This is the sunscreen i use if you wanted to check it out in the EU or US


The second step is me applying my foundation. I use the rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade ivory. I LOVE this foundation, I rarely swap and change my foundation because i love how much this one works for me and my skin type.

I used my fingers to blend it in, but for the more ‘hard to reach’ places, i am just using a real techniques foundation brush. I wasn’t over the moon with this brush when i first received it but you can read my review on the whole kit here. 


Eyes And Eyebrows…

The first thing I did was my eyebrows. Now, i hate doing my eyebrows. I am rubbish at them and i really struggle to make them look vaguely presentable

All i am using is my wet and wild palette with an eyebrow brush and i then go on to use the brow drama mascara. I really love the mascara, it keeps your brows in place and i love the extra color it adds. I really recommend checking it out if your brows tend to go a little ‘everywhere’.

I then applied a gold, shimmery eye shadow. This eye shadow has a creamy consistency and as you can see, it’s in stick form. It’s really easy to apply (especially if you’re not great at doing makeup). I didn’t even really need to blend it. It is from Ted Baker and i haven’t found anything vaguely similar since so let me know if you know of anything!

I then took my Lancôme black eyeliner and lined my waterline and made sure to make the outer corner lines flick upwards. I feel like it personally gives me eyes a little ‘lift’ and it also looks really nice when this look is completed!

Finally i went and took my push up drama mascara and applied it over my eyelashes. I love this mascara, i made a review for it here. I’ll definitely be buying more when it runs out

Concealer, Contour,Bronzer…

Concealer! I love this concealer, i never ever stop talking about it. If you’re interested you can check it out here if you are in the EU or US.

I have been using it for years, it just really works for me. I apply it under my eyes in little upside down triangles, on my chin, under my eyebrows and on my forehead. 

I then go on to apply my stick bronzer, it came in a set with a highlighter but, i prefer powder highlighters so i rarely use it. I apply the bronzer down the sides of my nose, underneath my cheek concealer, on my forehead and across my jaw line. I then go on to use a beauty blender to blend it all in.

Once it’s all blended all i do is go on and take my setting powder, i also never stop talking about this (it’s this if you’re interested in the EU or US!) it’s so cheap and just makes my skin look so matte and keeps my makeup and skin looking flawless.


Taking my real techniques blusher brush i take my KIKO bronzer and just once again go down the sides of my cheekbones to really emphasize the contour i recently applied.

I then applied a small amount of my powder highlighter to the inner corner of my eyes and at the top of my cheek bones.



I did apply some baby lips in ‘electro pink’ earlier on in the video. I did this to make sure my lips were moisturized before applying my lip liner later on!

I take my lip liner and just go over my lips and make sure it’s all even. This lip liner is from KIKO, it’s really pigmented and stays really nicely on my lips.



I really hope you liked my new 60 second summer glam makeup tutorial! If you did please let me know in the comments below or let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading/watching,


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