My Beauty Collection Of Face Masks (Week 3)

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Hi everyone!

If you are a regular on my blog by now you should know that i started a little series called ‘My Beauty Collection’, this just means once a week I post all about a collection of mine inside my beauty collection (I have said collection a lot).

Last week it was body lotions and the week before that lipsticks! This week however it’s all about face masks…


my face mask collection


I am a huge fan of face masks, i don’t use them as much as i should and if i could find a good face mask that you apply from a bottle that peels off, i would be the happiest girl alive. That doesn’t mean i don’t like the face masks i own, it just means i am a lazy ‘face masker’ and would prefer to not have to stand up and wash it all off!


I dug out all of my face masks that i currently own and have pictured them below for you to check out and hear a little about.


my face mask collection

The majority of my face masks are from KIKO, they’re really cheap and such nice quality so hence my collection consisting of them.

beauty collection

On the left you can see the ‘energy mask’ and then soap and glory’s ‘no clogs allowed’, ‘3D lifting gommage’ and finally the ‘purifying mask’.

black face mask

The energy mask is weird because it is black and when you apply it, it can get a little everywhere if you’re not careful. I love this face mask because like all of the KIKO face masks, they actually all do different things. This one gets rid of ‘pollution’ build up and dirt from the outside world that may be lying on your skin.

It leaves your skin really smooth and fresh, it’s just a little messy!

kiko face mask gif


kiko 3D face mask

This is an exfoliating scrub but i feel like it’s more of a face mask because you leave it on for 10 minutes when it’s drying!

I love the smell of this face mask, I cannot begin to explain the smell because i suck at that but, it smells ‘perfumey’ but not in a toxic, harsh way.

This 3D face mask/scrub supposedly transforms its little granules in to plastic exfoliating granules that help rejuvenate and make the face look younger. It does make your face looks really smooth and it makes it feel incredible but i’m not sure i look younger!

I usually grab it first when i’m having a face mask session!

purifying face mask

The purifying face mask sadly isn’t green to apply, its actually gray. The reason i bought this one is because it’s specifically for oily to combination skin and it ‘matifies the skin for a long time and minimizes skin flaws’.

I think it’s perfect to use before makeup if you’re going somewhere really special or important and it really does make your skin look matte and clean!


soap and glory no clogs allowed mask

Finally we have the soap and glory no clogs allowed!

I have a whole review on this face mask that you can check out here. Technically speak it’s not a face mask but i had to include it in this collection as you can only use it 2 times a week and the whole process takes about 5 minutes, which my head feels more like a face mask than a cleanser!

I really love the no clogs allowed, it is so super deep cleansing and it just makes your skin feel gorgeous. I really recommend it. However, do check out my review because there were a few bits and pieces i needed to discuss about it!

You can check out no clogs allowed for the BEST PRICE online by clicking here if you are in the EU or US.

no clogs allowed gif



I really hope you enjoyed reading all about my beauty collection of face masks! If you did please let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,


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  1. Mehgan/ bloggingmywaytokorea

    September 25, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    The Kiko face masks look really nice. I haven’t tried their skincare range yet – thanks for the recommendation, will have to check it out! X

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