60 Second Winged Liner Makeup Look

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Hi everyone!

So it’s official, I am obsessed with these 60 second makeup videos (here’s my last one!). I just love filming them, editing them and then sharing them along with a little blog post on how i achieved each look.

It’s really good fun and today I have a winged liner look. It’s just the makeup i wear when i am wearing winged eyeliner. I don’t wear my eyes like this often, i don’t feel like it suits me so the eyeliner is quite subtle!

The tutorial is super easy and so easy to do yourself so watch the video and follow the steps below to find out how i did it in pretty much 60 seconds!


60 second makeup winged liner makeup look


Watch Me First!


Base Of My Face – 

Just like absolutely always, i apply a factor 50 sunscreen and a moisturizer. The sunscreen i use never interferes with my makeup and never makes me look greasy. It’s so important to wear sun protection, especially at this time of year and if you’re seriously fair like me it’s even more essential.

This is the sunscreen i use, it’s cheap and like i said, never makes me look greasy or ‘cakey’. You can check it out here in the EU or US. 


I then go on to apply my foundation. I always use the rimmel wake me up foundation in the shade ivory. I find it’s got a good coverage without looking too ‘much’. I am also just using my real techniques foundation brush to blend it all in (you can read my review on that here!).

My concealer is this one. I LOVE this concealer, it’s cheap and works so well. I use it all the time for contouring, covering dark circles and just brightening up my makeup. I think it’s fantastic and will struggle to try anything else! If you wanted to check it out you can here if you are in the EU or US.

I am also just using my real techniques concealer brush to just blend in the edges and hard to reach areas.


My Eyes 

For my eyebrows I am using a kiko eyebrow pencil, i have had it for ages and just recently decided to try it out again. My eyebrows need all the help they can get and i really am loving this pencil. The shade also seems to be perfect for me (what do you think??).

For my winged liner i am using a ‘felt tip’ black liner, this one is from Ted Baker. I do like it but i think it might be drying up slightly as the black just doesn’t seem to stay for very long and goes a bit patchy, if i do decide to wear this look out, i tend to go over the liner with a black pencil liner just to make sure!

I then took my push up drama mascara (review here!) and apply a few coats to my top lashes and just one, small stroke across the bottom lashes. This is because i wanted to emphasize the top of my eyes.



I am so boring. I always use the exact same powder! It’s this one, if you’re interested in the EU or US. It’s cheap and just makes my face so much more ‘matte‘ and it helps keep your makeup stay put all day.

I use the shade ivory but if i am a little more tan i go for true ivory/sand. I’m using a big fluffy ted baker brush to just spread it evenly around my face to just make my makeup look more ‘put together!’.

Instead of bronzer (which i always use!) i decided to go for a blusher, i’m using a creamy/powdery textured blush from KIKO. I haven’t used it in ages and i honestly love the little pink glow it gives to my cheeks. I also just used a contour brush to blend it in properly!



I wanted my lips to stand out along with my winged liner and so i decided to go for a deep red. I decided to line my lips with a red liner i got from KIKO. I bought it way back in January in Seville and it’s one of my favorite lip liners, i think because you never have to sharpen it and it’s creamy so you can easily use it as a lipstick if you didn’t want to use it as a lip liner.

I then went over my lips with the sleek vinto tinto (i have a review on it here!). The reason i lined my lips first is because i did find vino tinto to be a little patchy but you can read all about it in my review!



I really hope you liked this video and little ‘how to’, if you did please let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading/watching,



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