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Hi everyone!

It is no secret that these 60 second makeup videos are now a ‘thing’ for me. I have done loads and every single time i love doing them a little bit more. (This is my last one!)

Today i have a 60 second contour routine. This contour routine is one I use when i’m going out and feel like a little more ‘oomph’.

It is so hot here so please forgive why i look soooo shiny in the video!!

Below the video I have written a detailed description on how i achieve this look and the products I use so don’t forget to have a look!



The Base Of My Face

As always I apply sunscreen and a moisturizer. I must be getting on everyone’s nerves to keep on saying this but, it’s the truth. It’s so important to apply sunscreen and moisturizer allows makeup to be applied way more smoothly.

The sunscreen i use never ever makes my makeup patchy or oily (i’m shiny because of sweat!!).

If you’re interested this is the sunscreen i use  and you can check it out by clicking here if you are in the EU or US.

The foundation i used in the rimmel wake me up in the shade ivory, it’s been my go to for years. I just blended it all in with a real techniques foundation brush, i have actually grown to love it which is weird because in this review i was so not a fan!


Eyes & Eyebrows

For my eyebrows i am using my kiko eyebrow pencil (i am well aware my eyebrows need TLC!). I just use light brush strokes to evenly disperse the colour.

My eyeliner is the L’ancome liner in black. I do love this eyeliner because it is so black and pigmented and it also never seems to run or dissapear.

For my mascara i am using the push up drama, i do have a review here. It’s quite obvious I love this mascara and use it in virtually every single one of my 60 second makeup videos!



The contour

For the contour i am using my usual hide the blemish concealer in the shade ivory. I always use this concealer and have so many great things to say about it. If you’re interested you can check it out here in the EU or US.

I applied the concealer under my eyes, along my jaw line, cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. I then went and took my kiko contour stick to line the opposite side of where I just applied the concealer.

I have never seen this contour stick again but i did find one that is quite similar online that also comes with a concealer that you can check out here in the EU or US. The reason I suggested one is because they are just so easy to use, especially if you aren’t great at contouring.

Using my real techniques beauty blender i just went on to blend it all in using dabbing motions until i was satisfied.

Now, please tell me i am not alone in forgetting to dampen my beauty blender? This was one of those times for me and my beauty blender seemed to soak up a lot of my contour and so i just went over what i just did with a contour brush and some bronzer to emphasize what i had just done. Remember to always dampen your blender!



On my lips i am just using a rimmel lip liner that i got forever ago, it’s a really lovely colour and seems to go with everything. Then to make it pop and make my lips stand out i just went over them with my GOSH lip gloss.


I really hope you enjoyed this 60 second makeup video! If you did please let me know in the comments below and let me know if you have any questions!!

I do apologize for my ‘sweatiness’, watching the video back does make me cringe!!



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