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My Week In Short Stories (August Edition)

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Hi everyone!

You may remember but around two weeks ago I did my first ever ‘week in short stories’. I had an eventful week and wanted to share it in my little corner of the big wide web. (You can check it out here if you haven’t seen it!).

I wouldn’t say my week has been overly eventful but my brain hass been filled with thoughts that i just want to let out!

Anyway, i hope you enjoy my week in short little stories for this first hot week in August…


my week



Nobody likes Mondays, i feel like it’s a universal agreement that Mondays are a bit poo. My Monday was horrible, one because it was hot and sticky and two because the night before I had the WORST migraine.

I do suffer from migraines but this one had been something else…

On the Sunday we had been out and about with my boyfriends parents and later on that night, i just felt it coming. It was really horrible and I sympathize with everyone who suffers from migraines because they are just horrible.

Anyway when Monday morning came around, i felt so ill. I am not sure if my body was just drained from the restless night or if i actually had a mini bug but, i felt like i had been dropped from a great height.

I worked as much as i could until finally giving up, heading to the sofa and watching the real housewives (it wasn’t too bad!).



On Tuesday I had a fabulous work day, i got so much done and even started a new project.I also finally finished planning all of my blog posts for the next few weeks as my boyfriend is taking his camera with him and i needed to take all of my pictures/videos beforehand!

Because it is so hot here, after work we decided to WALK and find me a slush puppy. I have these mad cravings for them every once in a while and Tuesday was that unfortunate day.

Despite it being nearly 40 degrees, i still thought it was a good idea to WALK. I am writing it with such anger because why did i think that was a good idea? All i can imagine is that i was still unwell from the day before and my boyfriend just didn’t want to say no…

We did finally arrive and i couldn’t find anywhere that sold strawberry so we WALKED BACK empty handed. It makes me so mad writing this, so mad…it was so hot, so so hot.



Wednesday was a bit of a fail. My boyfriend is going to the other side of the world soon and like always, he leaves things till the last minute.

He had scheduled a hair cut and injections for this day and although not entirely anyone’s fault, we did spend the day in his parent’s house.

We arrived at the hairdressers that morning, half an hour too early and then we had to wait until 7pm that night till we could go and get his injections. We did just spend the day working but even so, had i not had animals to play with, i could of been slightly jarred.

His mum did make us an amazing lentil curry and found us these frozen mangoes and coconut water ice creams and for that the day got a million times better!

I would insert pictures of this next part but i think i would get myself in some trouble but him and his dad had to get two injections in their bums. It was the best thing i had ever seen and i squealed like a seal in fits of laughter.

I also met (for the first time ever) a wolf hound. I think it could quite possibly be the biggest dog i have ever met in my life and i did have some initial thoughts that if this thing jumped up on me, i would be crushed and promptly tried to compose myself during the butt injections so that karma wouldn’t get me and crush me.

We made it home just in time to miss big brother…



We decided to spend the afternoon watching Derren Brown and last nights big brother. My boyfriend even made us tofu scrambled egg which is ‘delish’ by the way.

I really loved Thursday, it was so chilled out and just nice to chat and organize everything for him going away.

Editing this i have just remembered a terrible occurrence from this week. My car ran out of insurance and why that might not seem so bad, it is. In England and probably most other countries you pay your insurance monthly which spreads out the cost, making it a lot easier to pay. Here you pay once a year and so i was hit with the possibility of paying almost 700 euros for my insurance.

Luckily, i have the most efficient parents ever and they got the price down for me and i ended up paying just a fraction of that but even so it meant we were house bound for a day (god forbid!) and stressed out from it all!



Today we are heading to the supermarket to stock up our cupboards and to get my boyfriend some goodies for the trip. I am going to miss him so much, it’s weird when you’re with someone everyday and although it’s only a few weeks, it’s going to be so weird for me.

I am also extremely jealous and i do keep hoping it’s all a joke and i’m going along too!

I’ve made sure i have a ton of work to do when he’s away and i also have plans with my mum. I am also heading back to IKEA to decorate my office a little…so I shall let you know how that goes!


I hope you enjoyed reading me week in short stories, it wasn’t very exciting but i feel loads better getting it out!

Thank you for reading,


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