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My Amazing July Favorites

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I’m pretty sure July has been the hottest month of my life. Yes, i know poor me. I live in a hot country, that’s the price i pay but honestly it’s pretty unbearable.

Recently it’s been feeling as if it’s ‘wet’ air, does that make sense? by that i mean you can’t even breathe in it. We have ¬†been hibernating in our house, we even bought black out curtains to try and help which have helped massively but even tasks like taking out the rubbish are just too much to handle…

Anyway! August is today and i am one of those crazy believers that it is never as hot as it is in July so, bring it on please.



Favorites of july banner



The first thing in my favorites are these goodies I got from KIKO…

kiko eyeshadows

I do a 60 second makeup look with these three beauty goodies in this post if you want to check that out!

I got them on a bit of a ‘whim’, I’m not that daring with eye shadow and thought I should probably step outside of my comfort zone. I really loved the look of these eye shadows and eyeliner. The eyeliner is beautiful, it can be used to create so many different looks, major thumbs up for these things.

July Beauty Favorites

Okay so i talk about this next favorite A LOT! I’m constantly tweeting about it and i think i could talk about it for years. Anyway, during July i found myself using so much of it. I have so many body lotions (you can see them here!) but for some reason smoothie star just kept making its way in to my arms every time i stepped out of the shower!

I found it really cheap online if you’re interested and want to check it out! Click here if you are in the EU or US.

smoothie star july favorites

This next July favorite is pretty out of the ordinary and I am almost certain I have spoken about it before. It’s a natural headache relief stick. I’ve used it for years and never even thought to talk about it until this month when i grabbed it from my handbag in IKEA!

You just glide it across your forehead when you feel a headache coming on and it is meant to relieve symptoms and quite possibly stop the headache.

I suffer from migraines so i will take anything handed to me and i use this frequently, usually when i’m driving or if i’m watching TV and feel my head start to go!

If you’re interested you can check it out here in the EU or US.

headache relief herbal

gif of 4head headache relief

The next thing in my favorites is this leave in conditioner. Because the weather is so humid and sticky, my hair has been suffering. It doesn’t help that it needs a giant trim either!

I have been using this spray in conditioner, it’s one that you don’t wash out (which i love!). It’s smells gorgeous and just leaves my hair really soft and silky.

leave in conditioner from gliss

This candles box was almost not included in my July favorites, not because I didn’t like it but because i almost didn’t buy it!. I thought it was a little silly but after thinking on it, i went back to the shop and had to have it.

It was in the sale and i thought it was so cute. It’s a bit useless for bigger candles as it only fits tealights and wax melts but, it looks so pretty sitting in the lounge.

box of candles storage

I bought this Yankee candle wax melt back in June (Summer Scoop) and forgot i even had it until i was organizing my new candle box (i live a sad life). It smells absolutely divine and although i haven’t lit it yet, it is my favorite Yankee candle wax melt for the summer as it is just so summery and smells exactly like strawberry ice cream.

yankee candle gifsummer scoop yankee candle

If you read this post you will know that i decided to surprise my boyfriend a re-decorate bits of our apartment. It was decorated horrifically by the owners and was getting me down. I therefore marched to IKEA (had the best experience there ever!) and kitted us out.

I know that orange and green seem like crazy colours but if you saw the room you would understand! everything now matches and they just add such a cute pop of colour.

blue and orange cushions from IKEA

My favorite book and although i couldn’t picture it because i have given it away was ‘survivor’ by Lesley Pearce. I recommend reading Belle and the Promise beforehand but it was a wonderful book and definitely a massive favorite of this month!!

Thank you so much for reading all about my July favorites, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

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