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The Body Shop Body Lotion Honest Review

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Welcome to my little blog on the big wide web. Today I’m talking about body lotions, two in particular that I picked up from the body shop a few weeks ago and cannot wait to get talking about.

The two ‘scents’ (if that’s what we call them) that I bought were ‘Satsuma‘ and ‘Piñita Colada‘. The latter seemed to be getting the most attention, everywhere I turned somebody else was raving about the smell and I just needed and wanted to know more.

Hopefully you may have noticed that I changed the name to my ‘reviews’ to ‘no nonsense reviews’. This is because as much as i love reading reviews and learning about products I find that a lot of the time people don’t want to annoy a company in fear of them never wanting to work with them which is all well and good but, then you’re not telling the truth…

I personally would never slander a company, unless they were seriously in the wrong but, i would also never pretend they were amazing if they weren’t. The company should have enough faith in their product to expect a few bad words said against them and it shouldn’t put companies off from working with genuinely honest people…anyway! enough about that… Let’s get on to this body lotion review!

Picture of Satsuma And Pinita Colada


The Body Shop UK

Satsuma Body Butter

I always immediately go for orange/citrus smelling things, i don’t know why I am so attracted to them. I think my mum is so obsessed with Orange smelling things that I have just carried on the trait.

The body shop satsuma body lotion is the first of the two i picked up, I don’t think i even actually smelt it before I decided on it. I’m not the biggest body shop fan, I know some people swear by it but I often find it quite expensive and although the products are lovely I don’t often go in.

The day I picked up these two body lotions though was different…I wanted something different not only to talk about but to try, soap and glory has been my die hard body lotion for years and i thought it was time i branched out…

body shop body lotions

My first impressions were warped. As I already said, I love orange/citrus smell so, I already knew what I wanted from this body lotion.

I do have to say the lady that helped me out in the store was so lovely, I even emailed the body shop later on to let them know just how nice she was, I wish i had got her name .


I did actually finally take a sniff of the satsuma body lotion but i’ll tell you all about that below. The actual consistency of the body lotion seemed gorgeous, I had never tried a body shop body lotion before and I was really happy with how thick and moisturizing it seemed.

I also loved how big the tub was. I bought the 200 ml tub it was heavy and seemed to have a lot of product packed in, overall my first impressions were great and i was really pleased with my Satsuma body lotion choice.

The Body Shop Uk Body Lotion

I absolutely hate doing this part of my reviews. I can’t seem to get the words out of my nose (does that make sense?!). I really loved the smell, it was quite overpowering but i do surprisingly like that because I love to actually smell of the product i’ve been using after the shower.

Some people i don’t think would love this body lotion because of how strong the smell is, I really do and so did my mum but if you aren’t in to citrus/orange/satsuma smells it’s really not one to go for (obviously)!

The smell really stays with you for ages. I went to bed with it on and the next day I still smelt of satsuma body lotion. Again, if you like that kind of thing it’s for you if not, you won’t like it!

Body Shop Body Butter

review of the satsuma body lotion by the body shop

I loved the consistency of the body butter. It’s so thick and creamy and a little dab goes such a long way. It’s quite expensive so i do really love this about the body shop body butter, it’s just so rich and moisturizing, I really cannot fault it.

I had really dry skin on my legs (TMI) before using it and it cleared it up by the next day. I may also regret saying this because it sounds a little silly  but it feels like such a treat using it, I feel pampered and lovely, which of course is amazing.

The smell is something i love (although like i said it is strong!) and i love the packaging. The giant satsuma on the front just gives it a little edge to other body lotions that are covered in info and selling techniques.

the body shop body butter review

This may sound a little contradictory but i think I am going to have to put the smell in here. I know not everyone is a citrus person like myself and some people like subtle smelling body lotions (not me!) but, i feel like it has to be a negative because it would put people off from buying it.

I know it’s a silly negative and it’s something the body shop can’t change because people that do love it like me, wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t so strong.

I was going to make the price another negative but, i honestly would pay the money again. It’s so worth it and has lasted me for ages and like I mentioned before, it makes me feel really lovely using it.

The Piñita Colada Review

Picture Of Piñita Colada

I had to get this body butter. Everyone was talking about it and it seemed to be the most popular in the store, i also love piña coladas (And getting caught in the rain!).

It was a kinda of ‘peer pressure’ buy for me because I’m not usually one to go for coconut smells, so i was dubious as to whether i should get it or not!

I also was a little worried about walking around smelling like a cocktail, would people get the wrong impression of me?

Piñita colada review

I already had Satsuma in my hands and loved it so Piñita colada had to live up to them expectations and my expectations about it after everything i had read online.

I loved the packaging, it looked summery and so refreshing and like ‘my kind of thing’. Despite my fears of the coconut smell and smelling like a 24/7 cocktail, i bought it and had no regrets.

Just like the satsuma body butter, the tub seemed really heavy and full of product, the packaging wasn’t jam packed full of information I didn’t really need. It’s simple and straight to the point.

I love the packaging  soap and glory or Aussie products provide but, there’s something about the simplicity of these body butters that i really loved.

Piñita colada the body shop

I keep saying this but i was a little skeptical about the coconut but, as soon as i twirled the lid of the tub I fell in to heaven.

It smells absolutely incredible and I understand now the hype about this collection. It so summery and even though I had never used it before, it reminded me of sitting on the beach, in the sun and listening to some classics.

I was scared I would smell like a 24/7 cocktail (good or bad thing, that’s up to you!!) and although it does smell like the cocktail, it’s tasteful and not at all overpowering.

The smell just makes me melt every single time, the only thing i didn’t like about it was that it wasn’t as overpowering as Satsuma, how crazy is that?

Picture of Piñita Colada

Body Butter Review

The consistency, the smell, the richness, the moisture, the smell, the packaging, the smell! Need I go on?

It lasts forever just like the Satsuma body butter and the next day you do still smell of the body lotion in question. I have actually just looked at each of the tubs and it does say ’24 hours moisture’ so that explains why I still smell incredible 10 hours down the line.

I usually don’t think products that have a ton of hype are worth the money but, this particular range (I think it’s dissapearing after the summer!) is so worth it.

I don’t often like coconut smells and this just speaks my language, it’s a safe bet if you aren’t sure like i wasn’t! It just smells so nice (as does Satsuma!).

Bad Review Pinita Colada

If I wasn’t being fussy there would be absolutely zero negatives so, just know before i say this it’s completely fussy and only here because of my new category ‘no nonsense reviews’ and i feel like i have to speak from every angle.

The one thing i can think of is that it’s not as overwhelming (in smell) as satsuma. It smells delicious, it smells so lovely but, the strong scent isn’t as potent as satsuma. Of course some people love this and you probably don’t want to smell of the best cocktail out there but, it was just something i noticed!

body shop body butter review

Picture of Piñita Colada and Satsuma

Overall I absolutely love these two body butters, they are so moisturizing, the smell lasts for absolutely ages (I don’t know if it’s exactly 24 hours I may have to time it).

Yes, they are pricey but coming from someone who doesn’t like to spend a fortune on products, they are worth it. You get a lot in the tub and if you’re anything like me then you will feel special when you use them.

I would usually have a preferance over the two but, i honestly don’t think i do. Both have their pros and cons. I do think more people would like the pinita colada body butter but, i can’t decide between them both!

One thing I will say is that the consistency of Satsuma is thicker than Pinita colada but only by a smidge.

You can get these Body Butters Online For The Best Price Here – Satsuma or here Piñita Colada.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you liked this honest review, if you did please let me know in the comments below and ket me know your thoughts!


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