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I am obviously not a dark skinned person and nobody in my family has dark skin. So why am I making this post?

Well, all my life I have struggled finding the right shade for my skin tone. I would say I’m normally an ivory or a fair shade, depending on the time of year and my freckliness. But one thing I have always never failed to notice is the lack of shades for dark skin tones.

I don’t understand why some brands don’t even make a dark foundation. Naturally darker skin looks a lot more flawless in my opinion without makeup but even so, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t want to be worn!

Just like light skin there’s a ton of different dark shades and it baffles me to find one or maybe two in any drugstore. That is why I made this post.

I wish there were more products out there but, I have done so much research and testing of products that below is the best product in each core category for darker skin tones.



Best Makeup For Dark Skin


Before we begin I also want to state I am just including the basics, the most looked for products. Of course any eye liner will look good on dark skin, same for eyebrows and mascara. It doesn’t make a difference. Here we are just looking at core products that can vary from skin tone to skin tone”. 



# Foundation


First thing’s first we are going to start with the base. The foundation. This seems to be the hardest to find, even when you’re not even looking for it but, after a lot of research I whistled it down to just one but, then I came across another that I just had to include (sorry!).


Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

Best Makeup For Dark Skin

This foundation was mentioned a lot during my research. It’s really affordable and a really great foundation. The only problem I came across was not being able to find it in drugstores, online seemed to be the only place they were in stock. But, if you know your color that shouldn’t be a problem.

‘Cocao’ was the darkest shade I could find but there were a few others that could suit every skin tone.

I love this lightweight formula as it allows you to build on it and allows you to decide how much coverage you want. The trick to this foundation is to blend it well. Keep in mind you don’t want a build of foundation in any crevices of the face or it will look a little cakey. You can easily blend with your fingers instead of buying an expensive makeup brush!

This foundation also contains an SPF of 16 which is something you should really look for in any foundation when you can.

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My next and last foundation is the,


Becca Stick Foundation 

Best Makeup For Dark Skin

The Becca stick foundation, just like the Maybelline above came up time and time again during my research.

I decided to add this one in as it had a load of darker colors to choose from, something you don’t see very often. The color above is the darkest color I could find and it’s called ‘Molasses’.

The Becca stick foundation has an SPF of 30 and is designed to even out skin tone and hide blemishes. It  ‘Contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, D & E Increases cellular renewal & moisture holding capacity’.

This foundation is perfect as it comes in so many colors and is recommended by so many people for darker skin tones. It can cover small blemishes or your whole face, the choice is yours!

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Next up is…

# Eyeshadow


Burgundy shades and gold shades work amazingly well on darker skin tones. But, I could only include one and so I chose the golden shade as it works well with a broader spectrum of eye colors, skin tones and women.


Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow


Best Makeup For Dark Skin

This color is in the shade ‘Golden Halo’ and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Any gold, shimmery brown eye shadows work UH-MA-ZING on darker skin tones and can really make eyes pop.

The great thing about this eyeshadow is that it will make any eyes pop. It doesn’t matter if you’re the whitest person in the world reading this or the complete opposite, it will make them pop and look fantastic. You can never, ever go wrong with light golden colors.

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#Setting Powder

Setting powder can be hard to find which is why it’s included in my best makeup for dark skin. You often find setting powders to be extremely white and even on olive skin tones they can look ridiculous.

I found a setting powder that so many dark skinned girls talk about and that’s the,

Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder

Best Makeup For Dark Skin

It is a little pricey but, it’s the best out there from all the research I have done. You can use a setting spray instead of a powder but, every dark skinned woman seems to talk about Ben Nye in the shadow ‘Topaz’.

Aside from setting makeup it can be used as an eye brightener. It also gives great coverage which I love.

I have read that you do need to be careful with the amount you apply or it can look a little cakey. It’s a ‘less is more’ kinda product but, that doesn’t mean it should put you off.

You may have seen the new trend ‘baking’ and this kind of powder is perfect for this new makeup trend

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# Lipstick

One thing I found out about lipstick and makeup for darker skin tones is that the pigment has to be a good quality.It will look grey or just non-existent if the pigments are low so, when shopping around make sure you have a high quality pigment. (Pigments are what the color does once applied, if it stays rich and vibrant and colorful its pigmented if it does the opposite then it’s a bad pigmented lipstick).

Here is my absolutely favorite lipstick for dark skin,

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet


Best Makeup For Dark Skin

This lipstick dries matte so, you’re not left with a sticky mess. I chose this color because it really pops on darker skin tones. It’s also quite subtle for a red lipstick which is something you don’t often get.

I also chose it because Bourjois has a million other colors to choose from that all complimented darker skin tones but you can check them out by clicking the link below!

The lipstick is also meant to last for up to 24 hours so, there’s no shifting this fabulous color.

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Rememebr with lipsticks, dark reds, dark browns, nudes, purples, pinks and even orange look amazing on lips.



I really hope you enjoyed my Best Makeup For Dark Skin, if you did please let me know in the comments below and also, let me know if it helped you at all!




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    Very informative and I got a lot from it. Good job.

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