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Fighting The After Christmas Guilt

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Hi everyone!

Some of you may read this and think I have gone completely mad, others will read this and totally relate to me and my Christmas guilt. Now I am not sure which one of them people you are, i am just presuming you are intrigued if you are still here…

Christmas guilt is a thing and it’s REAL right now for me.

I spent days this year longing to tear open my presents that were under my pine cone (yes pine cone because me and my boyfriend were too lazy to buy a tree).

I sat and i poked and i prodded and tried to guess what lay beneath my cone and couldn’t. Until FINALLY Christmas day rolled around and i was allowed to tear everything open and marvel in it all.

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2 minutes after it’s all opened and I have wrapping paper stuck on my slippers and the room is obliterated with boxes and rubbish this is where the guilt started to set in.

My mum and dad are away so i couldn’t properly thank them for my presents, I also got so much stuff that was so thoughtful that it made me feel instantly guilty.

I did soon get over that as we were on our way to my boyfriends parent’s house where more presents awaited.

Tearing them open was just as easy as the first time as the guilt had quickly subsided once the drinks and food were flowing (less dutch courage more not feeling guilty because i deserve this).

This time the guilt hit me like a hit in the face around the 27th of December.

I feel like a lot of people can relate to this date and associate it with a bit of unhappiness, boredom and guilt.

Don’t get me wrong, i am so so so grateful for all of my presents and i think that’s why a lot of us start to feel this overwhelming sense of guilt.

The thought of so many people including my mum and my boyfriends mum, my brother, my boyfriends sister all going out and thinking of me, had me almost in tears. To think they had spent their money on me had me actually wrinkling my brow in deep thought as I watched the re-run of home alone again.

Then the guilt of eating so much food and thinking it was okay to eat chocolate for breakfast everyday in December really hit me.

Picture this: I’m sat in my new bright pink blanket, my new Christmas jumper, my new pair of slippers, my new makeup on, my new candles lit, smelling like an actual princess and guilt was consuming me.

It seems so selfish writing this, i am so lucky and so privileged but something i truly don’t like about Christmas is the guilt.

I am almost glad when January hits because it means it’s all over and i don’t have to think about everyone spending their money when they can’t really afford it! I know this sounds crazy and probably if i were you reading this i would think i was entirely mad but it’s true and i know i am not alone feeling this Christmas guilt, i just know I’m not.


Thank you so much for reading, it really means the world to me. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.



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