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How To Become A Beauty Blogger (Tools & Tips)

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UPDATED: 25/08/2017

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to do something a little different on my blog, something that can help out newbie bloggers. I see so many people struggling out there, especially on my Twitter and hopefully this gives someone a helping hand.

This is going to be a long but extremely worthwhile ride so, let’s get straight into it.

First of all, I’m going to tell you exactly what you’re going to learn in this article:

  • How I became a beauty blogger
  • How you can become a (beauty) blogger
  • The tools i use
  • How i earn money on the side
  • + A few extra tips and tricks


Let’s start with the first point on this, how i became a beauty blogger, if you want to skip this bit just keep scrolling!!

How I Became A Beauty Blogger













I won’t go in to in the ins and outs or we could be here all day. I simply found a flare for writing and decided to pour my knowledge into creating a blog, where i could chat about anything I wanted.

The money, recognition and standing didn’t do it for me, i really didn’t care about that, i just wanted somewhere i could share my thoughts and advice on a variety of subjects and that’s how i really got in to it.

I don’t just do blogging, i also do affiliate marketing, which takes up a lot of my time, however, girlversusmakeup is a huge love of mine and i feel like anyone who likes to write and has the time to put in to blogging, should give it a whirl.

My first few articles are really poor. There are terrible pictures, terrible puns and awful promotion but i would never remove them from my site. I feel like without them, i wouldn’t be where i am now and it’s kinda funny to look back on.

Luckily, i have a fantastic boyfriend who is a total whizz at computers and marketing and so he did give me that initial push of confidence i needed. He provided me with information and determination and that’s how my journey with blogging all came about…


Getting Your Blog Created…blog creation adviceThis is probably the most important bit. It’s a waiting game and it’s also a creative process that can take a lot of time and energy to do.

A lot of people opt for blogging platforms, where you get your name and your blog is done. These are good but, you don’t have your own unique website and quite often i find the writer is locked in with these other bloggers and at times can find it hard to break free from the crowd (this doesn’t go for everyone!!).

If I am totally honest, I really feel like you need your own website, away from others. Somewhere you can create and let your own creative juices flow. Yes it takes more effort but it’s so worth it in the long run.

However, some people do really thrive on this platforms, I’m not saying they aren’t any good, they just aren’t for everyone.


How I Created My Site

Hosting & Domain

Buying hosting and a domain can be very complicated and quite often people do just give up. You can buy a hosting package and find you just can’t connect it to your domain or vice versa. It also sometimes requires code and other annoying things that can just get far too complicated.

However, it really doesn’t have to be that hard.

I use this hosting company and once you find your name, you click three more buttons and it’s all connected and ready to go. It’s by far the easiest company to work with and by far one of the cheapest.

What I Recommend: To make things extra easy I’d recommend getting your domain with your hosting and if you use the hosting I recommend they will set up everything, all you have to do is click “Install WordPress” and you’ll be done.

Plus the support is fantastic and will get back to you with anything you ask and help you along the whole install process.


Finding a theme can be complicated but by using the company I use to get my themes, you just flick through the choices, choose one and it’s all done. You can then customise it however you want.

Blog Creation Service (MOST RECOMMENDED

There is this service that actually creates your blog for you, along with your hosting, domain, logo, SEO and lots more. It’s a super simple, easy to use website and any questions or requests are handled for you. Once the site is created, it gets handed to you and that’s it!

They even teach you how to make money, show you keywords that are easy to rank for and you will have a fully functioning, SEO (search engine optimised) site. It’s much easier than doing it all yourself and you really don’t need to worry about a thing, just getting great content out there.


(Optional) Making Money On The Side

how to become a blogger

Spending hard earned cash on luxuries can be a really hard thing to do. We all joke about spending too much on certain things but it can actually hurt to loose a lot of your paycheck just for some bath bombs and other cosmetics.

I am going to create another article talking about this in the future but for now, briefly i would like to share my little secret.

I use a site called swagbucks to earn enough money to go on little beauty sprees each month or every few months (depending on how I’ve done).

Swagbucks is the most legit site out there and it’s probably the easiest way to earn a little cash on the side to fund your blog, buy your tools or just buying makeup to talk about.

You get paid to do surveys, give your opinion, watch videos and even use their search engine. Using it for an hour a day is the most efficient way and it is so easy to use if you’re just watching TV.

I really recommend swagbucks if you’re looking for a way to earn a little cash, whilst creating your blog.


Blogging Tools I Use

tips on how to become a beauty blogger

I only use 2 simple tools that i think you should know about.

I feel like some people get carried away with their tools. Some bloggers have a million different ‘backdrops’ for their photos and a million accessories to go around their products when taking pictures but you really don’t need all that.

All you need is a good camera to be able to take clear and professional pictures, once you master that, feel free to move on to the accessories and other bits and pieces.


I use a simple blank backdrop. It’s pretty boring but it gets the job done and it makes the pictures easier to edit!

You don’t have to buy anything, you can just use a white surface or just improvise with other bits around your home. Using a blank backdrop just makes your photos a little more professional. But that’s just my opinion, i can look at some bloggers who use colorful backgrounds and they look amazing, so just use what you think is fitting for your blog.

white backdrop for blogging pictures

Best Price In The EU or Best Price In The US



The next thing i use is studio lights. I only use them when the lighting is terrible (ie winter time) but they have saved my photos from looking absolutely awful more than a few times.

They are amazing if you’re doing head shots, makeup or fashion posts as they really allow your look to come through and look more HD and professional.

lighting for bloggers

Best Price In The EU or Best Price In The US

Your Content

new blogger tips

My main piece if advice here is that you have to love what you write. If you hate makeup but a really really nice brand have offered you something, don’t take it. People can tell when you’re being insincere.

Make sure to find your niche and although you can branch out, try not to stray too far.

For example if you want your blog to be about makeup but then you suddenly decide you really like fashion, try to incorporate makeup in to it.

Always be truthful. If you get something and you don’t like it, let your readers know. Don’t be too harsh but don’t let people waste their money.

Don’t be disheartened if people don’t read your blog. You can read my article on Tips for new bloggers and there i tell you ways to get views and why you probably aren’t getting them.

That’s the end of this article, i really hoped you learned something from it and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via my twitter or my email which you can find on my contact page!

Have a great day,


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