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Hi everyone!

Today’s post is a little different. I got inspired to write yesterday whilst browsing through twitter of all places…

We all know how heavily saturated the blogging industry is (especially beauty) and as i was looking through my DM’s and interactions, it hit me how hard it actually is when you first start out blogging to get people to notice you.

Establishing yourself, getting noticed and starting out as a blogger can be incredibly hard but today i have written a post dedicated to helping newbies out and pointing you hopefully, in your own direction.


Nobody Is Reading My Blog

It happens to all of us.

Even your favorite blogger started off with 2 views a day and you shouldn’t worry. We all have highs and lows in our views, it’s just something that happens.

If you’re incredibly new to blogging this can also be because you’re not ranking on google for the articles you’re writing, give it time.

Also, if you have no followers, then nobody is going to read your blog because you have nobody there.

However, don’t mistake people who have tons of followers for getting tons of blog views, a lot of the time this isn’t the case!

How To Get People To Read Your Blog

Promote your new posts across your social media but, don’t be annoying. Think about how many times you want to see the same post being screamed about on your twitter feed. Twice to three times a day should be plenty.

Network with other bloggers. I don’t do this but i know other people that do and swear it works. You just need to join groups, join in with twitter chats and just generally be interested in other people. You will soon have a small following of other bloggers.


Be Consistent 

I went from posting everyday to every other day to twice a week back to 3 times a week. 2-3 times a week works a lot better for me. I don’t post over the weekends just Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The reason i say be consistent is because you need your readers to know that you’re there and want to be read. I absolutely hate going on to someones blog because i liked the post they tweeted to find out i have already read it twice because they are just promoting the same article again and again.


Don’t Accept Every Offer 

When you first start out a lot of bad companies seem to flock to you. This feels great at first but you soon learn they are just preying on newbie bloggers who they know will say yes to anything.

Remember that you’re you and you will have quite a bit of influence once you get started, you don’t want people to flick back through your blog posts and find you promoted a terrible toothpaste brand and now you’re a fitness blogger…


Don’t Copy Anyone 

I have found out that a lot of people think that other people are copying them. Sometimes, yes people do copy things but sometimes we all just have the same-ish ideas.

It happened to me when i was first starting out, i thought another girl was copying my posts but looking back, i don’t think she was… i think it was just a certain time of year and we all had the same plan.

Copying other bloggers is a huge no no and you’ll soon get yourself a bad name. If you like a post someone has created, comment on it and accept that it’s great. Don’t copy it word for word.

This also may seem like contradictory advice as a lot of people tell you to stick to one thing, but you really don’t need to be original either. If you like makeup reviews, reading books and plants don’t worry about it! There’s so many readers to go around, just be you and love what you write about.


Turn Off Auto DM’s 

I know it may seem like a great idea but, it really isn’t. People despise getting automated messages on Twitter, nobody ever looks at them and it can also make people un-follow you.

If you want people to check out your newest post or even come to your blog, try politely tweeting them or asking popular re-blogging twitter accounts to retweet your stuff.


Don’t Expect Miracles  

So many people come in to the blogging world expecting to become the next big thing. You have to love what you’re doing so that if that never happens, at least you had a good time.

You will gain a following after some time and brands will notice you, but it won’t happen overnight so don’t get discouraged.


Love Your Own Content

Just like i said before, if you enjoy plants, makeup reviews and reading books, write about it. Don’t write about the latest things just because everyone else is. Yes, you will get readers this way because everyone wants to hear about it but, you will be happier writing about what you love.

Chances are there is a special group of people who love what you do and who will appreciate you not following the crowd.


Thank you so much for reading, if you need any help please just send me a message via my twitter or email

(My email is in my contact page!).



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