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How To Make Yourself A Priority

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Hi everyone!

I did have a beauty review scheduled for today but I kinda wanted to get this out before. A little message to anyone in the world who may be reading this, something I remind myself everyday, making yourself a priority and why it’s so crucial.

I am one of those people who likes to make everyone else around me happy before I focus on myself, the panic and stress I went through trying to make my house fun when people came round when i was little was ridiculous and I have carried that in to my adult life.

Putting other people’s happiness first is nice of you but it does you no good. It grates on you and eventually you end up feeling a little down in the dumps, at least I do anyway.

Thankfully, I have been getting better at making myself a priority and i have been using some tips that I learnt to really put this in to practice:


  • Learn to say no. If you have an evening planned of doing absolutely nothing but eating junk food and watching netflix and someone asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it just say no. I know we should take opportunities and be spontaneous but if you don’t want to, don’t do it.


  • I am not a Mum but I know a lot of mums who don’t put themselves first. I understand it can be hard but taking a few hours when you can to just have some ‘me’ time away from everyone apparently does wonders to your overall mental health.


  • You and only you are in charge of making you happy, if you can’t spare even 10 minutes to work on you and look after yourself you are doing it wrong. This is something I seriously struggled with until I learned that actually time on my own can be fun and I should do it more often.


  • Don’t put everyone’s needs before your own, your needs are important and if you want to talk about something or if something is bothering you, speak up just like everyone else does.


  • I feel like priotizing yourself also means looking after your mental health. Don’t bury what you’re feeling deep down because you don’t want to bother anyone and don’t brush it off because there’s more important things to worry about. Your mental health is so important and anything you can do to keep it in good shape is a priority in my eyes.


  • Be selfish! Obviously don’t turn in to someone everybody hates but being selfish is the key to doing what you want and being happy. This means learning to say no, giving your opinion on things you do or don’t want to do, learn that you need time to yourself and stopping trying to please everyone around you.


There’s something so liberating (for me) about ignoring my phone, sticking my feet up -on the table not in the air- and watching what I want whilst I eat what i want. This doesn’t apply to everyone but to me , that’s me making myself a priority and not caring who needs me nor what anyone would think of me. If you do struggle with making yourself number 1 i really urge you to give it a whirl and just centre the world around you for once.


Have a great day and thanks for reading,


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