What About Us Girls That Aren’t Very Good At Makeup?

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Hi everyone!

“Lauren, you’re a ‘beauty blogger’, your blog name has the word makeup in it…why are you saying this!?”

Well, I am A LOT better at makeup than i once was and my blog isn’t about being a pro MUA it’s about me challenging makeup, learning and talking about the things I know, along with a  whole lotta other things so don’t worry about me (i’m not going mad) and please just hear me out…

It’s no secret to my family and friends that i used to absolutely suck at makeup. One of my many mishaps was wearing foundation 10 shades too light for me (less ‘hello porcelain doll look’ I was going for and more ‘hello you little weirdo, are you ill’?).


I used to dance in my younger years and i used to sit watching everyone applying makeup flawlessly before shows, their hand writing was worse than mine ( har har) but their winged liner was perfection and not one bit of their eye shadow dropped down their face (mine did).

I even remember spraying hairspray all over my face in a locked bathroom, to ‘keep my makeup in place’. Killing myself wasn’t on the agenda but i just wanted locked in makeup.

Once i had finished seething in jealousy admiring them i would  turn back to the mirror and the blotchy, orange foundation looking back at me just wasn’t cutting it and i would scrub it all off and start again.

Being able to understand makeup, skincare and other bits and pieces is great but if you don’t have that little flare that every girl but me seemed to always have, you can feel a little useless. ( Forgive me if you have never felt useless)

Strangely, i did grow in to being able to apply my own makeup (god forbid i was allowed near anyone else’s) and i actually always loved makeup, i just wasn’t very good at applying it.

Which always brought me to the question, what about girls that enjoy makeup, love makeup and own a lot of makeup but absolutely suck at applying it?

Luckily i do consider myself ‘quite alright’ at the whole ordeal process nowadays but i am still an absolute jealous 14 year old when it comes to brows. I completely suffer and have no skill whatsoever when it comes to them.

I look upon other girls with these perfect, chiseled brows that they all seem to wake up with and i look at mine, they look like scowering pads and that’s on a good day.

Why do some people pick up makeup tricks a lot easier than others? I seem to take a week longer than everyone else in the beauty blogging community, even during the contouring phenomenon it took me while to really be able to blend the brown lines that made their ways around my face (a bit like a homemade tie dye t-shirt gone wrong).

Another thing i struggled with was highlighting. I picked up my first highlighter and I looked like a light bulb, other beauty bloggers, MUA’s and general people had these shiny, beautiful cheekbones, i just blinded people when the light hit me.

I know i know i know, i own a beauty blog and pride myself on my vast knowledge (even I widened my eyes typing that) on products but sometimes when applying makeup, i absolutely doubt my whole life and my whole makeup abilities.

How do some women (and men!) make it look so easy and flawless? How is it possible for these Instagram models to turn themselves in to these beautiful angels when i still can’t do winged liner and am still am a car crash at eyebrows, how?!

The great thing is i am actually happy about how i can apply makeup now, even if it takes me a little while longer. I may not be the best ( may not is an understatement, i am definitely not the best) and i may never be able to create amazing looks but i have a lot of understanding and it’s still something I love. (Don’t get me wrong I have definitely improved my skills).

But if you suck at makeup or there’s something you really aren’t good at when it comes to makeup (like me and my eyebrows) fear not, because you’re not alone.


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