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The Most Amazing Adventure Of My Entire Life

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been away for a few weeks, i neglected my blog (because i was in such a flap before leaving and didn’t schedule any of my posts), I deleted my personal Facebook account and i learnt a whole lot about myself (generic and SO typical i know).

The magical place that i found myself in was – Thailand.


Big Buddha Thailand

I had wanted to go for so long, i dare say my entire life but it wouldn’t be strictly true. At 4 i thought i was abroad when driving up north to visit family. However, after months and months of planning, me and my boyfriend jetted off to the other side of the world and it was more than an adventure…

We saw temples galore, we washed and stood next to rescued elephants, we zip lined through the jungle on my 21st and we even got food poisoning, looking back at that last bit it really did just add to the whole experience.

Thailand was so different to what i was expecting. The difference in the people, culture and cities were so diverse in each new place we visited, at times it was hard to believe we were just an hour or two away from the previous place.

Another huge shock to me was seeing how beautiful the women were whom worked on an evening (if you see where i’m going). It repulsed me to see men older than my dad with them but at the same time i was in awe of this whole deal. It’s hard to comment without going in to to much detail so i shall leave it at that…

us with monk

One of my favorite things about Thailand was seeing monks walking around and going about their day. We had a fantastic tour guide (Jimmy) on one of our first days in Chiang Mai and he told us everything there was to know about Buddhism and the monks. Seeing boys as young as 11 so dedicated to a religion, was really moving and wandering around the oldest temples was seriously one of the most wonderful days.

One day we were caught in a huge monsoon-like storm, i am truly not lying to you or myself when I say it was so amazing to actually witness. Yes even my bones were soaked through, but it was hilarious and something i could never forget.

Another day we drank from coconuts and found hermit crabs on the beach and we even found out that the current in that sea is something you cannot play around with. I think i tore a chunk out of my boyfriends arm at one point when the sea almost dragged me in.

elephant in thailand

Then there was the day we learnt all about the rescued elephants. It was probably the best day of my life. Being so up close and personal with these fascinating creatures and learning all about the abuse they endure when part of the tourist trade. That being said, if you are going to Thailand please never ever ride these creatures or be a part of their torture in any way….

Some of these elephants were blind from abuse or from stage lights from being apart of circuses, one of these elephants was stabbed hundreds of times with a machete to make her work, the list goes on and on but they are safe now and the day their moved me so much.

There was also the day we arrived and decided to take a minibus instead of a taxi to our hotel and met such an interesting guy. He was the definition of a true ‘traveler’, he had a hammock, he fished his own food and his only expenditure was beer. Oh, and he hadn’t been home in 3 summers. Once we got chatting to him, queue the ‘backpackers’ who thought they were better than us and stupidly without listening to what he was saying, boasted about travelling around ‘Europe’ for a few weeks. I giggled and walked away, i don’t think i have seen two people ever look so stupid.

me in the thai sea

On my actual birthday we went zip lining. We were meant to be with a tour of people but somehow managed to go alone with just our instructors. It was incredible. It was a once in a lifetime feeling and we were on such a high afterwards.

We even lived the life of a commuter! taking the sky train in to Bangkok and exploring the city. I learnt there that tuc tuc drivers are a lot scarier than in other places in Thailand. They don’t care about squeezing in to grid locked traffic, or stopping on train lines, they just don’t care.

I have so many stories to tell and so much information i just want to blurt out to anyone who will listen but i wanted to keep this blog post short and sweet. I will probably keep going on and on about it for weeks as i just loved every single second i was away and i will never ever forget just how incredible it was.

Thank you so much for reading,


viewpoint thailand

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