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Sephora Upside Down Mascara Review

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What….? What?! An upside down mascara? How does that work? All questions I asked myself as my boyfriends mum kindly bought this for me to try out.

I had never ever ever ever heard of this before, I thought mascara was fine as it was? Turns out it apparently isn’t and we now need to apply it upside down! (duh! didn’t you know??)

I am of course joking, it’s actually my first ever time using this product so, let’s see how it goes…


Also, sorry for the quality of the pictures. I haven’t sorted out a permanent fixture yet and I also had zero makeup on aside from the mascara!


sephora mascara



Firstly it is strange to look at. The packaging being quite cute but inside you find a weighty chrome like bottle and a salad tong like wand.


sephora mascara

I was intrigued but, I am not the most delicate person and the thought of trying to not hit my eyelid with this baby was a daunting thought to say the least.



sephora upside down mascara


But nevertheless I soldiered on and began the three step process of this innovative, new mascara.


From what I gathered you’re meant to apply to this mascara in three steps ‘Volume, Lenghth and Curl and Then Lower Lash Defintion’

To make all of our lives a lot easier I’m going to review each step as I do it starting with:


Step 1  Volume!


For the volume part we are meant to take the salad like tong brush, dip it in to the mascara tube and clamp our top lashes between the two wands and sweep in an upward motion.


picture of sephora upside down mascara

I am actually holding the wand upside down in this photo but there is absolutely no witty joke intended here.

sephora mascara


After I dipped the brush in the tube it was quite clumpy  and much to very unpopular opinion, I usually like this but, I was still so unsure how I was going to get this on to my eyelashes without hitting my eyelid or any of the surrounding areas…


sephora mascara review

As you can see it did hit my eyelid, as careful as I was. It was also quite clumpy but, I still had two more steps to try. I also haven’t pointed out that it was meant to volumize and it does look pretty ‘volumey‘ to me, if you ignore all of the other bits.


 Step 2  Length And Curl

This is where you put the two ends together and use it like a regular mascara except it’s a lot ‘fatter‘.


sephora mascara

It did in fact really make my eyelashes curl and look really full but, it did get all over my eyelid at the same time. It didn’t annoy me because I didn’t have any makeup on anyway but had I been ready to go and got it everywhere this would be whole other story…


Step 3 was ‘Lower Lash Definition’ 


For this last step you take the bottom part of the mascara tong (salad tong) and wiggle it along your bottom lashes.


makeup review

It looked a little spidery on my bottom lashes but, I didn’t really mind it. What bothered me was the excess product all over my eyelids! You can see from the bottom picture that there is quite a lot of product on my eyelashes and I can see that also making its way to my eyelids later on in the day…

I did actually wipe off the excess product from my eyelids and put it down to me not being used to the salad tong like wand. It is a thick mascara and it did make my eyelashes really long and full, it was just quite messy…


Once excess mascara was wiped off: 


sephora reviews

Once I did wipe away excess it did actually look quite good! A little clumpy in places but nothing a little comb couldn’t fix.




I am always up for new makeup products and when I saw the upside down mascara I was really looking forward to trying it out.

It did disappoint just a little bit as the mess it made isn’t worth the outcome. Having to wipe off mascara from my eyelid wasn’t ideal and isn’t what you should have to do…

I also have no idea how to store it. Right now the lids back on the mascara tube but the tong is just sitting next to it, I’m not sure wether to wash it or just leave it…

I liked the mascara itself so I will probably use that with another wand. I also really liked the concept I just don’t think it’s very practical. I feel like I should persevere with the mascara and if I do I will definitely come back and hopefully update you all on how wrong I was because, like I said it does give you great curly, thick lashes, it just gets everywhere else at the same time!

I will keep trying to get the hang of it but for the meantime this is my overall score of the upside down mascara:



You can check this mascara out by clicking here and seeing what others thought of it! 




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