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Hi everyone!

At last my toes don’t scream before touching the ground when getting out of bed on a morning, my nose doesn’t randomly dribble when out and about and leaving the house with wet hair won’t leave me in hospital with pneumonia because at long last summer is coming!

In reality, I am not the biggest fan of summer. I like the now, I like being able to go outside and enjoy the warm sun and not feel like the UV rays are penetrating my soul it’s so hot. If you don’t know, I live in Spain so the heat gets pretty intense during the summer months and the temperature right now is perfect even for the most freckled people (me).


I have been stocking up on some bits for a while now and noticed the pile in the corner of my office, which made me think that I should probably do a haul, most of it is skincare because wearing factor 50 on an already oily face is not a good time for me…so I hope you enjoy this haul and talk through!


summer haul

My mum actually got me this simple moisturiser. I love simple products, they just work so well on my skin. I have used the original moisturiser a lot (the one without the SPF) and love it so i am so excited to try out this one. It’s so important to protect your face and if you can do it without even knowing it, it’s a win win to me.


burts bees body lotion

I haven’t opened this body butter yet as I have sooo many open and want to try and get through them before i even think about opening a new one. I love the smell of honey & shea and can’t wait to see what they smell like combined in this Burt’s bees body butter.

simple face wipes haul

Makeup wipes couldn’t be more of my BFF in the summer if they tried. I LOVE the simple face wipes and always add them to my basket. They’re so soft and make your skin feel amazing. The Nivea wipes were a new buy, they really are great at removing makeup but they sometimes make my skin sting a little so if you have sensitive skin i would steer clear.

burts bees moisturizer in haul

Both of these moisturisers are also unopened but i go through so much moisturiser that it’s always so handy for me to have them on tap. I’ve heard great things about both of these products and can’t wait to get thema test drive this summer.

charcoal boots face mask

I was fortunate enough to get sent this face mask from a lovely rep from boots. She sent me this along with a spot wand that’s below.  The face mask does make your skin feel amazing and i am huge fan of anything you don’t have to wash off so being able to sit on the sofa in the dark looking like something from a horror film and then revealing lovely soft skin is a tremendous feeling. I love the whole ‘charcoal’ trend and definitely recommend sheet face masks. I am not sure I would pay full price for this mask but it’s something to think about if you’re looking for some summer skincare.

vitaminc c korean face mask

This korean sheet face mask was bought for me by my boyfriends mum when she was in Berlin. I had always wanted to try Korean beauty and couldn’t wait to rip them open. The smell is tremendous and although, just like the mask before you are capable of scaring small children with it on. It does leave your face feeling so soft and not having to do the whole washing off saga means its so perfect for me.

push up angel mascara review

You know when people ask what makeup product couldn’t you live without? well I have never been asked and so now is my time to shine. I have two! and yes I can have two. Foundation and mascara. I just love mascara, I couldn’t complete a look without it. These two lovely tubes are unopened and awaiting me but the orange tube I know already is going to be fantastic as I have the non waterproof version and my heart does little flips every time i apply it.

witch hazel spot wand

Lastly, in my before summer haul I want to talk about this spot wand. I received this along with the charcoal boots face mask from a lovely rep. I honestly can’t lie and say I expected much from it. I don’t usually believe that spot wands work, especially on some of the inhuman spots I get on my face. There’s a day and night side to the wand and the applicator doesn’t go crazy with the application , so it doesn’t waste a ton of product. I am not sure how long they promise until your spot is gone but i noticed the redness from one of mine really reducing itself after a day and night of use. It’s a cheap little spot wand but it has been effective for me so far.

Thank you so much for reading,


What’s your summer must have? 

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